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Loydem's Notes
Random stuff is going to be here...
Ninja Role Play Idea
[This humorous, but serious, role play would be about a group of ninja that compromised their clan by failing a mission, and were then becoming the target of not only the target they were meant to silence, but also by rivals, as well as, their own clansmen.]

The life of the ninja has, since the beginning, been ultimately a hard one. At least is if the dedicated are not only competent in the ways of the ninja, but also, lucky to make it through the training, as well as, the missions given to them following initiation. Those that are able, follow the laws of the ninja, or the assignment given to them, and they carry through or die trying. Though if they do not, if they fail their mission, it is a simple decision in all the ranks. They die. For if they do not die, then they are a threat to the ninja. In the life of the ninja, there must be no threats, if there is, then the whole clan is compromised and the only fate that awaits them all will be death, either from pursuers or rivals. Those that attempt to run will only traverse the land so far and so long before they are eventually caught up to and silenced. To be ninja, one must be one with the shadows, erase their breath from the winds, vigilant among enemies, and disciplined in striking.

Today is a black day. The clan has become compromised for the first time in centuries. A few days ago, a small group of ninja were sent out to accomplish a mission. They were to eliminate a very powerful conqueror that was beginning to march on the land and was very close to finding the clans den. If this mission wasn't conducted then it wouldn't be long before the clan was stumbled upon and was snuffed out by the pursuer and any stragglers would be silenced by rival ninja. However, the unthinkable has happened, as said before. Technically, it wasn't all that a surprise to find out that the group failed. A new recruit was among the small group to eliminate the target. Most of the clan was a bit surprised that somehow this incompetent clansman was able to even pass initiation. Perhaps what this one lacks in competence, is made up for with luck. Anyway, this mission was somewhat a test for the new rank to witness if he'd be able to live the life of the ninja or not. Result is: no. -Disruption-

A ninja kicks the narrator off the screen. Now look! It's not all my fault. I mean, I did quite exceptional I think. I done everything that I was told to do and I was even close to succeeding. Though, before I could permanently quiet the target, he kicks over a lamp! And just a few seconds later, the whole room was engulfed in a blazing fire! Now how about you start tell the story right old man?! The master ninja round house kicks the younger ninja out of the picture. Ahem! It is true. The new recruit is not fully to blame, but certainly should take most of the blame. Yelling comes from the background: Thank you! ...It was known that the forces of the pursuers was elite. Chances were slim that the mission was to succeed at the beginning, but action had to have been taken! Among the group were two of the most dedicated ninja in the clan, and it seems that not even they were a match for the mission. Sad to say that now we must silence them before our enemies do. -Disruption-

The dedicated ninja's come up along with another, much more silent ninja. Sir, we would like to state the fact that we actually did quite a good job of stopping the pursuer. Of course, the new rank did blunder and allow the target to squirm, as well as, set the whole building on fire. Yelling in the background: I thought one of you had his feet! ...But, the recruit was able to injure the conqueror. Not to mention that with the building burned down, the group lost much of it's supplies, while some of the militia was also injured, and because of this, they had to retreat back to their home province to replenish. So, this in turn, gave the clan time to relocate to the other den in another province and we were mostly able to retreat without being noticed too much. Silent ninja takes the stand: Erm.. we were actually pursued for a little while before we gave them the slip. Other disciplined ninja speaks: That doesn't matter. The moment the mission started to take the turn for the worse was the moment that we it was obvious that we should just retreat then ensure that our clan wouldn't be compromised. New recruit shoves everyone out of the way: It's not our fault! We shouldn't have to take our lives just because the weasel sold us out! The last member of the group comes up: Whatever. You guys fell behind and I was able to leave undetected, which allowed me to inform the clan that the group would have to relocate. New recruit outbursts: What?! We were ahead of you and you opened the door to our escape route for the enemy to follow us! Then you sneakily found a new escape route and got away while we took the heat! -Master Ninja Interruption-

Enough! The fact remains that the four of you were seen and because of that you are a threat to the clan. Now either make this easy and take your own lives, or take the hard path and either be hunted down by your fellow clansmen, the pursuer or rivals. Make your choice and let fate decide who will be the victor.

Master Ninja
Secret Traitorous Ninja
New Recruit -Would be taken by meh-
Dedicated Ninja #1
Dedicated Ninja #2
Silent Ninja
The Conqueror

More roles would be made if all other positions were taken.

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