This is where I will showcase the amazing awesome people who have donated to me on Gaia!!! I thank them for the generosity!! A huge round of applause for them!! heart

Thank you anon for the Kanon Heaven Piercing!!!!!

Thank you anon for the Airy Magical Summer!!!!!

Thank you Julienne Dreams for the gift!!!!

Thank you hiimbeary for the gift! whee

Thank you anon for the Best Friend Forever! biggrin

Thank you RandomKate for the gift!!!!!! emotion_kirakira

Thank you ---Wanyyy--- for the caches! whee

Thank you Madame Ace for the Chocolate PokiPoki!!!! crying

Thank you anon for the dress! heart

Thank you Furan Culture for the Fortune's Fool! 3nodding

Thank you Wreck my ball for the February 2015 Sealed Letter!!!! emotion_kirakira emotion_hug

Thank you Magnificent Moonbeam for the Pitiless Handsome Vigilante’s Hair! crying

Thank you anon for the Astra: Glittering Royal Confetti! 3nodding

Thank you Twinkles_the_Kat for the Cousin Sweater!! Such a wonderful Christmas gift! heart

Thank you ~ Aki - Fairy ~ for the wonderful trade! emotion_kirakira

Thank you anon for the Figgy Pudding! whee

A thank you to the anon for the Saddle Bronco!!!! emotion_hug heart

Thank you Blood Mistress Kyoku for the Executive Librarian!!! whee heart

Thank you bluealaris for the Orphan of the Oculi Order and taking the time to reading my suggestions! heart

Thank you so much for the wonderful trade A Random Fairy!!!!! emotion_jawdrop emotion_hug

Thank you anon for the Pink Plaid Academy Skirt!!!!! heart

Thank you again jodikara for both the Citrine and Rock Crystal Orbs!!! heart

Thank you so much RandomKate for the Zeta Planet Mercenary!!!! emotion_hug

Thank you so much to jodikara for helping to contribute to my Mr.Shark March quest!!!!!!! emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop

Thank you Rhea Byrne, Lollipop Kittie, and MadHatterzMouse for donating towards my Masters Librarian Achievement Quest!!!! whee

Thank you anonymous for the Megalodon Monster! heart

Thank you Mimi Pamyu Kyu for the Golden Serpent! heart

Thank you Ramen Anarchy for donating to my Kyubey quest! heart

Thank you Phantom Anon for the green apple! heart

Thank you Lyllisa for such an amazing gift! heart

Thank you so much Balentay for donating towards my quest!!! emotion_kirakira crying

Thank you anon for the scarf! biggrin

Thank you soo much Toreishi for Adelpha's Resolve!! crying

Thank you sooo much to Sunny the husky for donating towards my quest!! heart

Thank you anon for the navy lowtoppies! biggrin

Thank you, thank you so much Zay-roh for the Doting Loving Manner and the anon gifts!!!!!!! crying heart

Thank you -Lunar Ice goddess- for absolutely everything!!!!! heart emotion_hug

Thank you Knight of Britannia for the Cutie Confectionery!!! crying

Thank you so much anon for The Coyote Buddies!! crying

Thank you anon for the Crimson Flutter!!! whee

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Thank you Balentay, Sunny the husky, Zay-roh for everything! crying