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Yay It's Molly's Blog!
My Gaian/real life.
99 questions!!
1. why are you taking this survey?
because im bored!

2. do you miss someone right now?

3. do you wish you could change the past?

4. what was the highlight of your day?
getting my makeup perfect lol

5. who could you trust with your life?
my baby, my mom, my sisters, my dad, my brother

6. are you often misunderstood?
i don't know.

7. how many rooms are in your house?

8. what are you doing tomarrow?
i don't know.

9. who did you spend the day with?
my family and my fiance.

10. do you live by a schedule?
not really.

11. who do you have the most fun with?
my baby! <3 :3

12 do you mow your own grass?

13. can you change a tire?
no lol.

14. are you a push-over?

15. do you have any children?

16. are you in a relationship?

17. what is your dream car?
a hot pink lamborhini lol

18. what do you want for your birthday?
i don't care lol.

19. describe the best day of your life:
the best day of my life was my prom, i put on a big fancy dress and i went with my boyfriend and 2 of my best friends and we danced the night away. it was perfect<3

20. have you ever been betrayed?

21. do you have many friends?
not a lot but the ones i do have are amazinggg<3

22. do you have any enemies?

23. do you watch a lot of tv?

24. what do you do to relax?
read, go on the computer

25. do you tan?
nope lol.

26. are you wearing make-up?

27. what are you looking forward to?

28. have you ever lost a loved one?
yes sad

29. do you have a tv in your bdroom?

30. do you shop at the dollar tree?

31. do you like to buy for others?

32. is there anyone in your life, you wished wasn't?

33. what time do you wake up & go to bed?
i wake up at around 10 and i go to bed at about 11.

34. do you like to be alone?

35. do you follow trends?
some of them.

36. do you think highly of yourself?
not really.

37. would you be president if you could?
probably not.

38. are you an artistic person?

39. do you think you have a good personality?
yes lol!

40. do most people like you?
i guess?

41. how do you feel about teenage parents?
i think that just because you're a teen mom doesn't make you a bad parent.

42. gay marriage?
i'm for it! <3

43. are you a christian?
well i believe in god! so yes i guess so lol.

44. what jewelry do you wear everyday?
my engagement ring.

45. have you ever had feelings for a friend?

46. are you a shopaholic?

47. do you sleep with a fan on?

48. rather be too hot or too cold?
too cold.

49. what is your idea of the best vaca?
anywhere as long as i'm with my baby doing the things we like.

50. are you a jelous person?
i can be yes.

51. do you like to dance?

52. are you very affectionate?

53. have you ever been to court?

54. ever been to jail?

55. are you athletic?
no lol.

56. do you have more girl friends or guy friends?
girl friends.

57. does anyone hate you?
i don't know.

58. do you have a walk in closet?
no i wish!

59. how many shoes do you own?
like 30 or 40.

60. what will you name your children?
if it's a girl i wanna name it carly and if it's a boy i wanna name it after its dad.

61. do you believe in fate?

62. what are your dreams like?
sometimes they're vivid and i remember them for a long time but sometimes i don't. i also have a lot of scary dreams.

63. do you work?

64. what are you going to do after this?
i'm going out later with my boyfriend for his mom's bday.

65. who will be the next person to tell you they love you?
my baby smile

66. how many cities have you lived in?

67. what color is you comforter?
brown and orange.

68. are you more realistic or idealistic?

69. how often do you get on the internet?
every day.

70. do you have any phobias?

71. do people judge you?
i don't know.

72. how many times have you been in love?

73. are you judgemental of others?

74. are you a stubarn person?

75. do you gossip?
sometimes lol.

76. what music do you most enjoy?
marilyn manson!! <3

77. are you a drama queen?

78. have you ever felt like your were going to die?

79. have you ever been in a wreck?

80. are you close with your family?

81. what do people compliment you most on?
my hair, my clothes.

82. do you smile at strangers?

83. have you ever broken a bone?

84. what makes you really mad?
ignorant and rude people.

85. have you ever been robbed?

86. what is your worst fear?
losing my loved ones.

87. do you have any prized possessions?

88. have you ever been engaged?

89. have you ever flown in an airplane?

90. do you have a green thumb?
i don't know.

91. would you rather go out or stay at home?
it depends.

92. what is your idea career?
being a writer!

93. do you miss your childhood?

94. do you go to the beach every summer?

95. would you take care of your elderly parents?
of course.

96. do you like kids?
yep love kids.

97. where do you like to shop?
forever 21, hot topic, spencer's, platos, goodwill, walmart!

98. do you get sick a lot?

99. do you take a lot of pictures?

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