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My Mind Palace
A compilation of my thoughts, feelings, opinions, day to day stuff and miscellaneous stuff....
Happy Birthday to me
March 19th, 2014, 6:40 pm.

Well fortunately for me, the quiet and lonely Birthday is coming to a close. My special thanks to Makai and Travis lightening up my day. Thanks Makai for a really wonderful gift and I hope mine does you justice (we share the same Birthday lol). Travis (aka tornado) made a really cool looking profile that you all should check out. He's on my friends' list. You guys are the best!

Well anyways I've decided that I am going to set some personal goals to accomplish before my next Birthday. I've read somewhere that such goals tend to be more successful when you let more people know about them. Compels you to work hard on those goals so that you don't look like a fool lol. Well I'm gonna list them here paragraph wise so that you guys can learn how I think about these things. Maybe you guys can even give me a taunt here or two, reminding me of the same.

Okay first goal. I am gonna maintain and update this journal. Maybe not on a daily basis but at least twice a week, feel free to spam me here, if I don't lol. There's no point in mentioning goals once and then forgetting about them after, so I'll mention my progress here and see what you think. I'll also be writing about other things of course and well anything that you'd like me to write on, just comment and I'll be sure to make a post on that.

Goal No. 2: Loose 20 pounds. Okay this the goal that's quite elusive. I'm not that heavy but with my slightly beefy figure, that weight doesn't go well at all. So I'm planning on toning down my body fat to enjoy at least a modest physical appearance. Loosing weight isn't really an issue, I've done it a ton of times in the past; I'm a pro crash dieter lol. Unhealthy but still for me, it's safer and effective. The only problem here is maintaining it. I have a hard time keeping the weight once i loose it. See, I'm a foodie and once I have something nice, I tend to have it again and again and then again slowly gain back the lost weight lol. I'm gonna however, work on some work out regimes. I managed to get my hands on Shaun T's insanity and I'm gonna see how that goes. I'll be posting on my journals how I've been faring.

Goal No. 3. Self Discipline.Ah the hardest of them all. And even now I just had a hard time doing that. Basically self discipline to me means, actually following out a pre laid plan without any distractions and getting things done. Problem that we all face is that we enjoy the overdose of entertainment. Make a plan to only watch your favorite series one episode per day and you end up finishing the whole season. And things like that. I'm gonna avoid the overdose and try to use the time I have fully for getting things done, doing the things I planned to do.

Goal No. 4. Well in 2 months I will be graduating with my masters in Biochemical Engineering from an I.I.T., a name that carries a lot of weight and expectations all around the globe. I'm actually planning big here. It's my dream to get a job in one of the major life science related companies in the west. Most of these companies are concentrated around Boston and San Fransisco Bay. I got close families in Boston and nearby that I'd prefer the Boston area. So yeah, I'm gonna grab a job in the Boston area, a graduate job. This is gonna take quite a bit of work in this month and next. I've been putting it off because, I've been traveling all over north India, delivering oral and poster presentations and I wanted to include them all in my resume. I've got a few professional contacts in the area, whose help I'll be enlisting as networking is extremely important in the scientific world. As myself, i'll have to make myself a hot commodity and market myself effectively. Which involves knowing and learning skills that other candidates do not posses and proving myself capable to take on any challenge they will put on me. And the challenges will be great. And I need to be ready for all of them.

Goal No. 5. I'm gonna start a side start up, a website that will form a type of bridge between the academics and the industry related to the Biotechnology Industry (Pharma, Genetic, Agriculture, Food Tech etc.). The website's still under construction but I hope that it will be ready soon for publishing.

Well 5 goals. I do have others in mind but some are personal and some are not of immediate concern. I first need to focus on these big five before I embark on the next which of course, i'll post em here when the time's right. For those of you reading, I hope this is a fun read and If you have any comments or anything you'd like to discuss, feel free to pm or comment. Until next time, adios!

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    You have good goals doc 3nodding I'm sure you'll do well in all of them and I'm always here if you need some help. x) help from miles and miles away. haha good luck to all.

    comment l mAkAi l · Community Member · Mon Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:46am
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