[Well, you seem to be just like Tama-chan. So you? XD]

[so me what? I'm Tamaki? Ohh, thank you ;D

I'm not kidding when I'm scared of losing friends I thought I already lost a long time ago and have been trying to protect while you're all almost out of my grasp and that I gave you guys titles. I didn't know what I was doing : / I was taught that family gives you organs and money, anything, whereas other people may not. I didn't really believe my mom because I know my friends; I chose them myself. I was taught that family is forever so I gave a group of strangers the title of "family" so it looks we won't break after all, because we're family, but it's just a cover over the truth. I insisted on something that wasn't there to protect myself for the past two or so years without ever knowing

Kyoya-mun already knows this.
I don't mean to scare anyone.
I'm just being genuinely me.]