Golden Insanity (Die Another Day spinoff)
by Eternal Euphoria

It was raining, while this was usually a good thing, today it just so happened to be freezing rain. This wasn’t good for business; Jyzal could barely feel his fingers despite wearing gloves. All he could do was keep moving to his new destination and hope that it was warm. There was nothing sexy or appealing to freezing a part of your body off.

The slap of the ground beneath his boot kept in rhythm his breathing as he continued towards the small building just down the block. This wasn’t how he usually went about his jobs but Shawn was out of town for now and he had to receive orders through notes.
The post office was his stop, rather odd for him, but as long as he got some excitement in his life he didn’t care where he had to go. There were very few people there, most likely due to the rain. He stepped inside seeing nobody else around; he hated small talk, so this was a bit of a relief for him. As he walked towards the small box in his name, he pulled out a tiny key from his pocket, shoving it inside the keyhole with a twist.

There was a single letter inside the box, with his name written on it with the utmost care. He opened it and looked over the letter; it went on for quite some time about a lot of stuff he didn’t care about. Apparently the man was just a simple nobody that got his nose to far into some business that he shouldn’t have. Jyzal sighed, a normal boring job, and he doubted he would be getting another. This meant that he would have to make this one fun.

Flicking the box closed he turned and walked out ripping the letter up into pieces. Not that anyone could find out what he was supposed to do, it was written in code. If someone pieced it together it would look just like a normal letter discussing business from another town to family. He tossed the pieces into a trash bin and started to walk calmly towards the bus stop, where he found the guy standing calmly, without a single clue.

He had to take a long trip out of town; this assassination would take him way out of town he had come to decide watching the man on the bus ahead of him. Everything seemed fairly simple for the most part right now. It seemed as though they were on the bus for hours, people came and went off of the bus, and a few times he had fallen asleep, never losing track of the man however. Eventually the bus came to a stop and the man stood up getting off quietly. Jyzal innocently stepped off through another door and pretended to go the other way. There was, however, very little around in the first place; just a small bus stop, a few small stores, and a lot of forest.

Sliding into the trees he started to follow the man once again, eventually they went off the beaten path into the woods.

It was a long distance away from everyone and everything, a quiet place all to itself in the deep dense thickness of the mountains. Forest covered the mountains, hiding it even more from sight. Why would someone come way out here? It made no sense to him, but what did it matter to him? It was the thrill of the kill, maybe the guy knew that he was being followed and was doing this to kill him off. Either way maybe this time it would be exciting, nobody else was around, there was no room for error here.

For a moment, the guy simply walked around, he could have picked him off quite easily, but he wanted to see what this man was doing way out here. After several minutes of blind walking, the man looked around then turned onto a short trail, one that Jyzal didn’t see at first, a rare moment for him. Quietly he followed him, around any twigs or dead leaves that might give him away.

Turning to walk onto the trail he realized that he couldn’t find the man anymore, he didn’t sense anyone watching him, or really anything in the nearby area. Not even a bird was chirping in the vicinity that caused him to stop for a moment and look around. There wasn’t a single bird insight; birds were a common sight, even in forests and mountains as dense as this. There weren’t even spiders or bugs anywhere on the tree trunks. Shrugging it off as bad luck he continued to follow the trail slowly and with some caution. As he rounded a hill at the top he came face to face with what seemed to be an old dilapidated mansion. Shingles were falling off, almost all of the windows were either cracked or completely broken, and the inside was nothing but complete darkness.
Is this where he went? He wondered to himself.

He didn’t hear the sounds of someone walking on old boards; shrugging he walked up to the mansion and up the quickly rotting stairs. Strangely for as close they looked to completely giving out from under him, they remained very sturdy underfoot.

The door was firmly fixed to the wall, the paint was peeling but the door itself looked as though it was just placed on there yesterday. He grabbed the handle without hesitation and pulled it open, causing dust to fly all over the room. Walking in revealed next to nothing, most of the furniture wasn’t in the front all, but there was a wide staircase going up to the second floor. Other than that the entire place was very silent. Did the guy come in here or not?

Jyzal stepped in further only to have the door slam shut behind him with a click. He turned and tried to open the door up, but it didn’t budge an inch. He would need to find a new way out.

Everything was covered in dust, but no cobwebs, there was nothing in the front entryway, but there were things everywhere else in the home. He heard nothing about having to go in a mansion, much less where he was or what it was. Not that anything worried him, it was completely different, and he was excited to see what would happen to him. Was the man a secret killer? Did he enjoy torturing people slowly? His body shivered with excitement as he moved into the next room, which seemed to look like a living room. It appeared as though people were here, that they had sat down on the sofa, but didn’t disturb the dust around the rest of the couch.

His fingers ran over an expensive old wooden table as he quietly stepped through the room. No signs that the man had come this way. That was no problem though, half of the fun was the hunt, he thought to himself as he stepped into the kitchen. Nothing was out of order; it was as though someone was normally using it, except, like the other room, a thick layer of dust coated everything. The cupboards were empty; there was no food, nothing. Why did the man come into this house? There was nothing here that would keep him alive, unless there was another part to the building he wasn’t seeing.

At that moment though, he felt like someone was behind him watching him, something black shifted out of the corner of his eye. Jyzal quickly turned and saw nothing, blinking he shrugged and turned back around.

Every room turned out the same, as if someone had used it, but there was still dust on everything. How did someone do that? He walked towards the only closed door he hadn’t explored and gave the knob a careful twist, it wiggled and creaked loudly as he did so.

“This is bound to give out soon, I shouldn’t shut this door,” he noted turning his hand some to avoid causing more noise from the loud door.
It continued opening without any noise this time, and he stared into the darkness and black stairs that climbed down into it. This wasn’t something that scared him, darkness could do nothing, however what was inside it could, and that excited him causing him to quickly descend into it. The stairs, unlike the ones outside, were in near perfect condition. They didn’t creak once as he went down, normally he didn’t make a sound anyway, but even trying, they did nothing. As if the stairs themselves were ripped of their very sound. He shrugged and continued until he could feel cement below his feet. A typical basement, perhaps with a twist, he had hoped.

It didn’t feel as though anyone was down there, but he could feel eyes upon him. Something was moving in the darkness, but he didn’t know what. Breathing wasn’t heard, there weren’t footsteps around him, or even body heat of someone approaching him. But he still knew that someone was around.


Something whispered into his ear like a lover causing him to turn and look into the darkness. That time, however, sounded like it was a female. Not his target then, but how did she know his name?

Jyzal welcome…

The voice was calm as it whispered closer to him, his arm moved out slowly in a sideways arc around him.

He hit nothing, but the voice was still so close, this time a chill went through his body.

You have been a very busy man haven’t you? Would you like to meet them?

Meet who? He thought as he eyes finally started to adjust to the surroundings around him, faintly he could see the ground and his feet. This basement was bigger than he thought it was, going far into the darkness. What was this place?

“Who are you?” he asked into the darkness.

You know me very well don’t you?

If he knew he wouldn’t have asked, he narrowed his eyes in boredom at the whisper.

Did you enjoy it as you slit my throat?

That sent shivers down his spine, not from the cold, but from the words. Someone had to be messing with him, but how could they know who he killed? The voice, he focused on the voice, it sounded a little familiar now that he thought about it.

“You were a spy, you were dealing in information, you had to die,” he said calmly.

Did I? Why didn’t you as well, you are just as much a spy as I was…

He walked away from that spot quickly, only to hear a whispered feminine laugh and eyes upon him once more. Ghosts were a big debate, a lot of people believed that they didn’t exist, he however, did, it didn’t stop him from killing, but it did make chills run down his spine each time. Something following you that couldn’t die, that couldn’t be hurt. It was hell for him; he didn’t want to even think about it as he continued to follow the wall. He looked ahead then stopped; there was a faint light in a small room in the very back of the insanely large basement. He walked towards it slowly, wondering what would happen.

As he stepped, it felt as though with every step someone else took a step behind them. When he stopped, they did as well, this didn’t sound or feel like the mysterious eyes that were on him. This time he turned quickly a knife in hand, a shadow was moving quickly and silently towards him.

“Whose there?” he narrowed his eyes.

“That voice,” a familiar voice stopped moving, pulling out a knife of their own with a growl in their throat, “Jyzal you b*****d.”

He let the tension go out of his body as he stood up straight once again allowing his voice to become annoying smooth as silk, “Corric, how oddly unlucky…for both of us, what are you doing here?”

“I am here to look for answers as I usually am, are you here for me? You are AREN’T you?” he could almost hear a deeper insanity than usual in the man’s voice as he stepped in front of him gripping the knife harder.

“You think I would come here after you? I don’t know what fantasy’s you are having about me but keep them to yourself,” Jyzal tried to keep his mind calm despite feeling the eyes upon him once again.

“******** you Jyzal!” he shouted and ran off into the darkness, beyond Jyzal’s scope of vision.

He was about to stop the man, but decided, perhaps he wasn’t as stable as he normally was, there was an air about him that made him feel rather, uneasy to Jyzal. Shrugging off Corric he looked ahead at the light and continued to move towards it. It grew brighter and brighter as he got closer, to the point that his eyes winced in pain as he finally reached it. Voices started to whisper in his ear, none of them sounded like the female voice that greeted him at the stairs.

Don’t look into his eyes lest you lose your soul…

I want to wear his skin like a blanket, so cold, so very cold…

Jyzal looked around but saw nothing, the simple stare becoming so much more, as if he was in a room with an audience that he couldn’t see. All of the eyes were on him, yet there were no eyes there. Stepping into the bright light he looked around wishing that he hadn’t. Looking from where he walked from, eyes watched him from the darkness, narrowing them further; he came to the conclusion that they had a massive size that abnormally stretched out into the darkness and beyond. There was no light reflecting off of its eyes, they shouldn’t have been glowing as they were. They were an oddly attractive golden color, yet fear struck him hard the more he watched them. Ignoring them for a moment he gazed around in the darkness for more, seeing nothing his eyes moved back to the eyes.

Or rather where they use to be…

Something moved close to his ear, a cold breath running over it. He could feel a finger on his shoulder, a single nail running over his body as he stood there.

You shouldn’t have done that, it was a mistake, you can’t take it back now..

Couldn’t take what back? He was very confused; he turned slowly to see what was leaning on his shoulder, but saw nothing. He looked around for a moment in the bright light, but couldn’t find anyone near him.

Laughter poured in from the darkness as if it was the wind.

Your life is full of death, your body craves the pain, you killed me for thrill didn’t you DIDN’T YOU!?

“It was necessary I’m sure…I kill what is needed,” he tried to keep his voice calm, it didn’t sound anything like Corric, “I have done no mistake.”

The laughter rushed over him again, this time leaving a metallic taste in the back of his throat.


The voice whispered in his ear again from behind, he turned again this time coming face to face with the golden eyes, they were wide with a sharp grin stretched from eyes to eye. The body was distorted darkness behind it; the face began to entrance him more and more.

“I did, no mistake,” he felt his emotions begin to fault as he continued to look into the eyes, he couldn’t look away, “No mistake, no…mistake…”

A wet crunch was heard as the mouth opened wide, wide enough to swallow Jyzal whole. He stepped back to avoid the eyes, then something touched his shoulder.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for several minutes now!” Corric glared at him his hand firmly grasping his arm, “You’ve just been staring at nothing all this time!”

Jyzal looked around himself blinking several times, there was no light, no face, no more eyes upon him, everything was deafened silence.
He looked back at Corric in the darkness, “I was?”

Corric sighed and started to walk, “I can’t find the stairs, call a truce right now and help me find the damn door, someone is messing with us.”

He’s not real…he’s not there…

Jyzal blinked and looked around for the source, but saw nothing; he then looked back at Corric and slapped his face. With a wince he glared and swung his knife at him. Quickly Jyzal moved back and listened as the knife whistled over his head.

“What the ******** was that for!?” he swung again, missing.

“Do I need a reason to hit you? Let’s go,” he started to walk away from the glaring man.

Retracing his steps, he went back to where he started, or at least where he thought he had started. Feeling around, there were no steps in the area, just a solid wall.

“I told you, this is where I went,” Corric’s voice protested in the darkness.

He’s here for you…

Jyzal ignored both voices and pressed on watching the wall firmly for anything that looked out of place. As he did the voices started to come back into his head, this time they were gargled, as if someone was trying to talk without a tongue, the sound of something pouring on the ground followed it.

Do you hear that? It’s you…he killed you…

He knew he was alive, he could feel, sliding his arm down he dug a nail into his own body feeling the pain. The voices were trying to get to him, his body tensed up once again as he continued walking. Then there was a spot on the wall which was darker than the darkness nearby, he leaned over and touched the wall, his hand stuck to it, wet, and warm, almost like warm syrup.

See? That’s your blood…he killed you…

Putting his hand near his face he took a deep smell of it, metallic, like blood. The voices were still just trying to get to him, he moved on ignoring them again. Corric was silent behind him, his footsteps following him in and out of a rhythm for a while. Neither of them said anything until Jyzal stopped once again to check the wall, this time his hands ran over something smooth.

Your skin, he’s peeled you, he dries your flesh for leather…

With a sigh he continued, he could still feel pain, he thought as he dug his nail into himself once again. Ignore the voices; they are just trying to get to you. This time however, the walking sound behind him changed, almost as if someone was dragging their foot behind them as they walked with him.

“Corric stop trying to creep me out I-“he turned around.

Once again he came face to face with the bright set of glowing gold eyes and the wide smile. Instead of keeping eye contact he turned and continued walking.

“Don’t walk so fast, I can’t see you that well freak,” Corric’s voice came from behind him.

“********, off…” he grumbled under his breath and turned.

This time the familiar shape of Corric was standing behind him, although seeming a little more than pissed at the last comment.

“Not you just…keep up I hate this place,” he mumbled and looked back ahead.

It felt as though they walked for hours, nothing getting closer or farther away. The voices would come at him and flow away as he continued to push them back. But he felt his spirit breaking. Whatever was here wasn’t going to let him just walk out of here.

Maybe you should just accept your death then…

“Corric shut up!” he turned around.

This time he came face to face with the gold eyes, the smell of blood was coating his body, which he now had, his throat sliced wide open in a second grin watching him with a hungry lust. The skin tore, his mouth opened wide as he moved towards him. Was this Corric? Who was this? His eyes wouldn’t move off of the golden eyes, but his body started to back up.

“Dammit Jyzal!” a familiar voice struck his face hard causing him to blink.

His turned and looked at Corric, who he could clearly tell was extremely angry, “Stop walking in circles and talking to yourself. I’ve found a way, I’m not helping you again, I already feel like I need a bath helping you twice.”

They quickly moved to the exit, Jyzal didn’t want to know what was down here anymore. If the exit was still there when he got there, nothing would stop him from throwing those doors open. He would easily throw Corric into the arms of everything if it would get him out.
It was at that moment that he seen light peeking out of the cracks of the door, he ran towards it quickly, not wanting anything else to do with the building, he left Corric in the dust, ignoring the shouts and swear words that he was throwing at him. The voices grew stronger and stronger as he approached it. They didn’t want him to leave they wanted him to be a part of their anguish and torture. He slammed into the door hard, the light quickly poured into the basement.

Jyzal stepped out of the building and glared at it, even though it was dimly lit by the stars, it still managed to give off a faint glow by itself. With a deep intake of breath he started to relax his body, there were no longer eyes upon him, no more voices following him. This darkness was easily defeated by the moonlight going through the trees. He never wanted to step into the house ever again, the target was most likely dead if they stepped in there, those eyes would be sure of that, or at least he had greatly hoped that the man was dead and at this moment he didn’t give a damn if he was or not. This was one mission that he wasn’t going to make sure he did his job in; Shawn could piss up a rope.

Shortly after Jyzal had walked a short distance from the building to make sure it wouldn’t try anything again, he was followed by Corric, looking worse for wear but still alive. Which is more than either of them could say about anybody else that was in there. Corric walked over by Jyzal taking a moment to turn and glare at the building just as hard as he did.

“Now that I’m out of that damned place in one piece,” he watched him with a deeper glare on his face, “We are no longer allies. I’m leaving now,” without saying another word he turned and walked off.

Jyzal didn’t bother saying anything to the older man as he stomped off into the forest; he smirked allowing him to find his own way out of the trees. It wasn’t his problem, and the blindly raged man had to learn at some point to control that. He began to make his own way out of the forest, resisting the urge to burn the place down. After what he saw, after what he felt, he thought it might come after him, something that he couldn’t bear; he just wanted to get to his own place and reflect for a while.

The leaves crunched peacefully under foot, he enjoyed the dead silence there were no longer any whispers, anyone in the corner of his vision or a house that was after his blood. He took in a deep breath, it was time to think of things that made him happy, pain, torture he shivered and smirked, pushing everything else out of his head. Maybe his next target would give him more pleasure than that one did.

After quite a while of blindly walking through the forest, trying to recall where he came in from, he had walked to the road and towards the small bus stop waiting for the next bus.

It took nearly two hours, and almost drove him to near insanity with the boredom, but it had finally arrived. With very few other people on there, he watched out the window, waiting to get back to Shawn and give him a piece of his mind after his rather annoying kill or lack thereof. Of course in his own head it was a bit too much, almost terrifying, nothing that he would admit to. Ghosts were nothing that he ever took lightly, you couldn’t kill a ghost, and if some day more came back, more from his past, they might destroy him.

They knew him, they knew him very clearly and yet without a face, dead or alive, and he couldn’t remember them at all. Why were they even at that house? He made note never to come out this way ever again.

But for now he tried not to think about anything but giving Shawn a deep conversation. He closed his eyes and fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the bus, hoping that his dreams were filled with pain and death, and not things that would follow and haunt him.
Opening his eyes at last, he quickly got off the bus as it reached its last stop of the day. The sidewalk was lit with dim streetlights, casting shadows on everything that he started to pass. Were they shadows? Or were they people watching him again? No, he shook his head and smirked, laughing at the thoughts, those ghosts were gone. If he let them bother him he wouldn’t be in his top condition, shrugging and pulling his coat up more around his face he continued making his way towards the large building. It was a welcome sight, he looked up at all the bright lights that were still on inside of the building, people were there, not ghosts, foolish Jyzal, don’t think about them anymore.

He shoved open the double doors and stepped in, past everyone as they gazed at him shortly, before smiling and going back to the normal work. Ignoring the existence of the small closed in metal box of death he jogged up the stairs quickly. He wasn’t going to get closed into anything else, not after the day he had.

Getting quickly to the top, in record time, he shoved open the door to the office ignoring any secretary that told him he had to have an appointment. Shawn looked up from his paper work with a calm expression on his face; it then sunk into a glare as he angrily threw his pen down and stood up.

“Where have you been all day? I’ve been calling for you!” he strolled over enraged.

Just as angry, Jyzal leaned into his face his eyes narrowing slightly, “I’ve been trying to kill that man you sent me to! He sent me on a wild goose chase! You won’t’ believe the day I had!”

“I didn’t send you any orders…” Shawn crossed his arms watching him calmly, “So I don’t give two shits how your day went.”

Time stopped for a moment as Jyzal allowed the words to sink into his head for a moment, “But, there was a letter in the mailbox, it had your name on it, your handwriting, coded the way you usually do so…”

“You know I am a man of little amusement, I didn’t send you anything, I was far too busy to give you any orders I waited until I got back to do so.”

He watched the ground for a moment, the anger leaving his face. Who sent him that letter then? Shawn wasn’t a man to joke around, judging by the look on his face, he was completely serious about what he had just said. If he was drunk there is no way that the letter would have been written so well. He took in a deep breath and tried not to think about any of it.

“Well, I’m here now, so what do you want?” Jyzal put his anger back on his face and looked back at Shawn.

Instead of talking to him anymore, he merely handed him a picture and went back to his desk. He knew that the next time he came back there would be a lot of violence involve, he would hurry up the kill so that he could get his treat. That would distract his mind from, whatever it was here that had happened.

Shawn refused to look up at Jyzal anymore, keeping his anger more focused on his work for the day, he had better things to do then to wonder what games he was playing while he was working. Making the shooing motion he put his hand on the paper on the large wooden desk and focused once again to writing. Jyzal turned and walked out of the office, shutting the door with a loud bang.

He made his way out of the building, picture in hand; he stared at it as he stepped out of the large double doors. He knew the guys face and name, it wouldn’t be that hard. A quick mission before getting the pain and punishment he so deserved and needed for the day.

That was when he saw him…

The same man that he had followed to the bus stop the first time…

“But…he’s dead…” Jyzal watched the man as he calmly walked by and headed around the corner presumably to the bus stop once again, “******** the mission.”

He shoved the picture into his pocket and walked back into the building once. As he started to climb the stairs once again his mind started to think over the man, his climbing went slower and then stopped as he looked at the stairs.

Jyzal couldn’t think of anything but the man’s bright attractive golden colored eyes.