[If some transition of this dream seems too jumpy, that's the part where I woke up in the middle of the night drooling. =w=]

I'm at work, but instead of doing my job I'm doing my homework. It's some sort of complicated geometry, and I can't explain it to anyone when they ask me what's with all the circles and dots and letters, but I can do it well enough. I finish that up, pack it away, and start my shift. Today I'm on customer service duty. These people are asking me such stupid questions too. I just keep thinking NO WHY WE SELL THAT HERE? One lady was looking for a certain kind of laptop but she couldn't remember what it was called. I kinda knew what she was talking about and I told her that "well yeah we actually only have one of those and it's mine that I brought from home." MINE LADY GO AWAY. After that I thought it would best to hide my things in my desk-locker but I didn't know the combination, luckily it was unlocked anyway and I shoved my laptop, books, and three big bags of chips inside.

I go to the outdoor portion of the store. Looking around the parking lot, I see my friend's car and figure I might as well go talk to him, so I sat down on my skateboard and rolled down the hill to the car. He's watching movies in there and I think I'd be able to sneak up but he saw me anyway. We make plans to hang out when I get off of work. Then I saw my boss coming, so I pretended like I was just dropping something off and I put my board in the car.

Going back inside, I realize I haven't taken my lunch break yet. I start looking for the pizza rolls I brought but I can't find them anywhere. I get distracted from looking and take a shower. When I get out I continue looking and still can't find them. The search for my pizza rolls takes up way too much time out of my shift. I hope that no one notices that I've hardly worked today.

It's nearing the end of my shift and of course now things start to pick up. A lot of other things start to fall down. While my co-workers goof around with stuffed animals and the intercom, I go to back of the store and pick up all the things that fell. One other guy is on the job too but it still takes a while to get everything. I return to the front of the store with a big bag and hand it to the manager. Her face couldn't look any more confused. I tell her it's all wine glasses. I lied; her face could look more confused. I look at the time, it's 10 pm. I should have clocked out an hour ago.

My mother picks me up and as we're leaving I see my friend's car again. I remember putting my stuff in it and try to get my mother to pull over so I can go get it and also apologize for staying late and bungising plans. She won't. "Why don't you just text him?" She kept asking. I say because I NEED MY THINGS.

The next day at school, there's people sitting at my table and they aren't the people who sit with me and they certainly aren't me. The teacher acts like it's always been that way. I get annoyed but figure I'd use this as a chance to get a seat closer to the board. (Except it was the wrong board.) Everyone in front of me now is almost too tall for me to see.

The teacher is now struggling with technology to get a movie to play. The sticky notes on her desktop won't go away so I start reading them. One of them says PEF in big block letters. Hah.

After class Ingrid and I hang out. We take our secret shower elevator portal to a different plane of existence under the school. I have difficulty getting out for some reason. "Sam you gotta turn the water off first !" Dun laff at me. We walk through the sand as someone else joins us. I didn't see them but I heard Ingrid telling them how I wouldn't skip with her. I tell her I didn't even notice he skipping. I try skip then but my backpack is too heavy. We make a pit stop in the bathroom and I drop all my stuff in the back stall and close the door. People seem to not know that a closed door typically means OCCUPIED. So I hurry up and then start taking things out of my bag. No wonder its so heavy, there's two text books. I take out the french book and leave it in the stall. I realize later that I should have left the thousand page euro book instead.

That thought is interrupted by a leaky ceiling. We look up at the puddle and we can see right through it. There's some guy waving and pointing at us. He looks like he thinks he can see us but maybe isn't too sure so we wave back. He gives a thumbs up so we return that too, and then we get sucked up through the puddle. We're on the roof of some building and there's two other guys freaking out about some expensive flying car that they apparently got as a gift. They want to take it for a drive and end up taking me with them, but Ingrid stayed behind.

They keep arguing over which exits to take to get to wherever we're going. "We'll never get there if you don't take the right exits!" I wonder if i occurred to either of them that we could fly in this thing so why were we on the road? They pull close enough to a curb for me to be comfortable jumping out. I roll in the grass. Then Bromang gets out of one of the cars parked on the street there and we start walking together and I talking about how I'm old enough now to be able to get more money but I need someone to sign some papers at the bank to allow it. I rattle off requirements of the signer and ask if he would do it. Of course.

There were some kids in the field we were cutting through so we lay down in the grass and pretend to be cats so that they wouldn't bother us.