Emily's past roomies:

1. Shiki "She" Misaki
Age 15. Suicidal depression. Scars along the arms from self-harm, but otherwise no serious injuries. Attempted suicide three times. Generally pessimistic, but encouraging of others - pushed Emily into sewing clothes, rather than just stuffed animals. Quiet. Loud taste in music.



4. Cyrea "Sue" Gawain
Age 25. Schizophrenia, visual and auditory hallucinations, sociopathy. From "the scary hospital". School teacher - killed a co-worker with an iron poker after discovering his sexual abuse of his students. First roomie to offer to do a drunk kitchen with Emily. NEVER SMILES.

5. Devina "Devi" Colegar
Age 27. Depressive bipolar disorder, auditory and visual hallucinations, insomnia. Several bullet scars from time in the military, but no grievous injuries. Mostly non-verbal, aside from the occasional grunt. Very black humor. Wakes up at insane hours of the morning to exercise - got Emily into the habit of working out before any sane person wakes up. Paints beautiful, if not rather disturbing, creatures.

6. Charisse "Cyd" Mallory
Age 22. Recovering alcoholic, PTSD. Other than a scar on her shoulder from childhood, no notable injuries. Was in an abusive relationship from ages 16 to 21. Very humorous, very loud, very informal. Favors 1920s style clothing. Fashionable. Taught Emily how to combine clothes to make passable outfits.




10. Elizabeth "Lizard" Aradain
Age 21. OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety. Multiple burn, acid, and cut scars from the neck down. Albino. Lived with her mentally ill mother until she was 19 - abused emotionally, physically, and possibly sexually (no patient confirmation at this time). Very quiet, formal, and stiff, but easily unnerved. Touches her earlobe when frightened or talking to strangers. Very musically talented (voice and piano - possibly flute, but she rejects the object with fear and repulsion).


12. Viola "Vee" Quar
Age 16. BPD. Lost most of her right arm and a fair bit of the right side of her face (including her eye) in a motorcycle accident about a year previous. Emotionally abused and neglected as a child. Violent temper. Prone to lashing out physically. Mean-spirited sense of humor, but very fond of joking in this manner nearly constantly.

And now Oz. Hella.