Like a singular beautiful and shining warmth, breaking through a nights sky onto fresh, soft, and silent snow. A motivation to move the very mountains, the potential to extend the power of an iron will. Ultimate power. Ultimate vulnerability.

It's love. That compassion that meets it's counterpart, a spark between oxygen and fuel, the ultimate and spontaneous creation of warmth and life. It's the one thing a man will leave his family for. The one thing, that can alter history and lives like nothing else.

I don't know her yet, or I don't know that I know her yet... But I do know and have faith she is out there. I know because I have an almost limitless potential that has yet to be ignited. I have searched for this inspiration all my life and only in the fleeting feelings of love have I found it. Found that I can truly be capable of anything as long as I have that which I hold dear close to my heart. For I will die to defend that which I hold to me, push myself far beyond my means.

But alas, I do not have her with me yet. I felt as though I have always been waiting, though I have never really known for what. Like a grand sword upon a mantle, awaiting the day it can leave it's sheath and show it's glorious splendor and strength. If only one would but grasp the handle and wield it.

I do not hold myself a romantic, but I do know what I feel and what weighs on my mind. I have lived an interesting life, full of wonder and adventure. Truly I am unworthy of someone, anyone really. But I still have hope.

I'm writing to give testament for that which so many people take for granted. If you have love appreciate it and cherish it. It can always be taken away, hold what you have dear to you, some of us are not so lucky and don't have that to hold at all.

I've just been searching for so long now and I'd like to write a little to get it off my mind as well I suppose, I do pray one day I can come back to this and smile. Perhaps I'll get to come back one day and write a little something extra at the end.

Until then, God bless you and I'll write again sooner or later.