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Future Plans
------I guess I'm doing a double entry today. My best friend and I, on our way home, was talking about future plans like stuff when we're done with college. We're basically majoring in the same thing which is environmental science, we might do a double major in business or do a minor in it. So hopefully for this four year run, we'll always have each other's backs. If one feels like giving up, as I had have in the last few weeks, the other will pull and keep the other on track. We really work reasonably good together, as we have had in our four years in high school. Its funny really, we have this funny history together.

------He and I, ended up going to the current college we're in, not because we chose to go there together. Although, we did chose the same colleges and applied in similar colleges. Though our choices failed us basically, both our first choices were City College in CUNY. I failed the entry because my SAT scores weren't high enough. They we're like 1200ish. He didn't get accepted because his grades weren't really that great. Ironically, what he lacked, I had and vice versa, I graduated as valedictorian, which I'm pretty sure I mentioned in earlier entries, and he had super high SAT scores. We both actually had to do an admission appeal to lehman, though we didn't do it together so I was actually surprised when I saw him in orientation. Its strange because our back up choices we're community colleges which we're happy we didn't get in.

------Enough about our history though, despite the fact there's many more. I can write a whole novel just on our adventures, which I am sorta. But back to the main topic. We we're discussing our plans in the future. I envy him because FASFA gives him excessive amounts of money, by the end of college, he would have accumulated at least 12k in his bank, which is also a savings account, so it will grow exponentially over time. I on the other hand, will be in debt, trying to pay off the loans, that I applied for. Since we're both majoring in the same field and are planning to take the same classes. We plan on finding a job together, where we'll work together too, just like in Monsters Inc. But that's wishful thinking.

------He says after college, with the money he has saved, he'll try to move out of his parents' place and live on his own, with a job. He says he wants me to move in with him, possibly as a flatmate and we can pay rent and stuff together. I want that actually, deep down I'm yearning for that. I tell him that I'll probably continue to stay with my parents, because I won't have the finances as he does. My plans actually, if worse comes to worse and I can't find a job after college, then I plan on enlisting in the military, in the army. I'd continue studying my masters in a military institution while serving at the same time. I believe that the army will help pay off loans too, which is why I choose too. The probability of this occuring is pretty high actually, but life has a way to shooting down our plans. I pray to the universe, and the random variables of life that I hope, somehow I end up living with him. I don't have plans after serving. I haven't thought on forward that far yet. So

------I guess that's all I have to say, I actually have a comment question this time. Do you support me if I decide to join the army? He doesn't want me to go actually, but I might have no choice. I know I've been slacking on responses on the journal entry, but gaia's commenting system for the journals is ancient as f*ck, they need a "reply" button, just like in the profile comments.

Anyways thanks for reading. This is Anikacy, Signing out!

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Sanitary Egg
Community Member

Tue Mar 18, 2014 @ 01:06am

Do your best in the future!
Oppa, Fighting~ ^.^

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