So. I feel that it would be appropriate to post something here that wasn't a fanfiction, or the abandoned attempt at a story (I'll get to the other story, I promise!) For an unknown reason, every time I see the young man I care deeply for...My heart still races. It has been a while since we've told each other how we feel. I've cared for him for years.
I was scared that this is just a "Honey Moon" phase that ends. What if it doesn't end? My sister and her husband don't seem to be in trouble...I feel like affection shouldn't end because people have been together for a long while. When I go into relationships, I don't think far into the future, I started to take it as "Well we will see how far this goes." However, this is the first time I think this could actually go farther. I'm terrified at the thought of possibly knowing I'm with the right person. I mean yeah, we joke about what our children will look like, and we're pretty serious, all things considered. Those jokes might stop once we date for a longer period of time. That is when the real weight of it comes down. The "Oh sh*t, he might actually propose, and I might say yes." Type of weight. What if it doesn't fall into a timetable people normally accept? Does that mean they won't take our relationship seriously? f*ck, what if I'm sterile? (I don't actually think so, but still?) I own up to my faults and weaknesses. So does he. I'm scared, but at the same time, I want to be in a healthy relationship, and I think he wants to be in one as well.

Enough sappy 2:30am smitten confusing stuff. ONTO THE PORN?!? I wrote this about...2 weeks ago? I'll do this in installments so I can edit this piece.

A young gentleman was spotted in bed, with a book held tightly in his hands. He was consumed by the words on the pages, and did not notice the beautiful woman slowly opening the door.
She gazed at him hungrily; he was wearing black pleated business pants, and a starched button up shirt. His tie had been haphazardly undone, but left on his neck as if he didn’t want to bother to finish pulling it off entirely.
She didn’t want to disturb him, at least not yet, so she quickly slid through the thin opening of the bedroom door. She had managed to not only avoid touching the door frame, but she remained silent through her endeavor. After releasing her breath, she tip toed to the end of the bed, exactly where the book was positioned in his view.
Meh, there were a few things I changed. I felt a few of the words were out of place, and took away from what I was trying to do.