So, last week’s entry was more than a little bad. Mostly from a behavioral standpoint, I think. I realized how awful my behavior was after posting it. I probably would have started all over again if I weren’t so angry at myself for f*cking it up. I’ve done the wrong click thing before, and when I did I usually started again. Last week was different because of what I had written. To write so much of my experiences down just to have them all flushed away by my own idiocy… I just couldn’t and wouldn’t do it again. That being said, I’ve decided to start writing in a word program and copying the work over to my journal on gaia. It will hopefully help me reduce the chances of wrong clicking in the future and destroying possibly hours of work. I’ll still do it all on Sunday and right off my head instead of having it prewritten, there will just be one extra program involved.

As for this week, not much has happened. We found out that raccoons were living in our wall and getting access to that area from a certain point on the side of the house. Luckily they haven’t gotten into the house itself and just remain in the wall. A person from animal control will be coming by to set traps for them. After they are caught, we’ll block the entrance they’ve been using and hopefully not have to deal with them again.

The JWs came back and we talked a little bit, though it wasn’t one of their “lessons” since the husband wasn’t able to come. He was ill. His wife said that he has tumors that grow in his head and cause him all sorts of problems including pain and migraines (which are painful, but not quite body-pain which is what I meant by “pain”). So… yeah… With the new information, I started to make new guesses as to why they are the way they are. For example, when I tell them something doesn’t make sense and they try to work around it so that it does, but it still doesn’t even when they do that, and yet they claim it makes sense. When I heard about the tumors I thought the husband was terminally ill (unless corrected, it is what I will continue to think), so they might be going along with something to lessen the emotional pain they could suffer from when dealing with such circumstances. And I can understand that. If under enough stress and in enough emotional pain myself, I’ll do the same. Difference is that when the pain has subsided somewhat I’ll go back to my usual self.

During the course of talking to the JWs, I brought up the part in genesis 1 where it says that god created man and woman and then in genesis 2 it says god made woman again. They tried to say that god made adam with both man and woman parts which is what the passage I asked about meant (according to them) and then god made woman by taking out the woman parts via a rib and made eve. That didn’t make any sense. Adam, by their description, would then be a hermaphrodite, in which case, he could reproduce with himself and have a companion, or god could make another just like him. The passage also says “… man and woman, he created them”. In context, that would mean two people. Then they tried to say “oh well, he did create them in genesis 1, but then in genesis 2 it goes into more detail”. I could go with that if I didn’t know about the later sections that contradict the order in which the earth was made, or the tale of Lilith, adam’s first wife. They tried to tell me that all those other stories were false, and that there is only one bible, which didn’t, in any way, respond to what I was saying. I corrected them, and told them that there were thousands of different bibles and they said “well those are all in different languages”, and I told them that there were more than eighty in English alone. Some bibles are even longer than theirs, which I didn’t mention this time due to the fact that we went over that already and all they could come up with was a passage about how all scripture is holy and perfect and is good for teaching. Pretty sure those longer bibles have that same bullsh*t line in them. They also showed me a pamphlet that included their group’s belief on how the earth was made. It was littered with bullsh*t. Not only did the things stated in the pamphlet not have any proof for them, but they did not agree with the passages they tried to quote. One example that I can remember was about when god made light, I asked “why would he need to make the sun if he already had light?” Their response was that he made the sun because it was pretty. What kind of reasoning is that? Poison arrow frogs are pretty too, but their coloring is not just because they look gorgeous, its to warn other animals that if they eat the froggies they will f*cking die. So it has a purpose. What purpose does the sun have if it doesn’t have a function (ie producing light)? And the little pamphlet they were showing me didn’t even agree with them. It said that there wouldn’t have been enough light for people to see, but there is nothing to back that assertion up. Its just a wild guess. Even the f*cking bible doesn’t say what the pamphlet said. “He created light” is all it says in the bible, no more detail than that, so where are they getting all of this bullsh*t? I told them that the line in the pamphlet needed fact checking. They tried to justify itand said why question something so beautiful made just for us, but I just couldn’t be bothered to listen after that point. There’s only so much bullsh*t I can take. At some point we got onto how their bible was updated for modern language and I compared it to Shakespear, saying “its like taking shakespear and ‘updating it’ rather than teaching people what it meant as it was” and their response was “well yeah, if I spoke shakespear I’d want a bible written in that language”. Not even close to what I was saying. And that’s around the time my room mate came home. I told them he wasn’t very friendly and they said they should go. Which saved me about a half an hour of talking to them. They are really hard to talk to.. Ugg, and they’ll be back next week.

I haven’t worked at all on writing this week. I’ve been exhausted nearly every day for some reason. Sleeping ten to twelve hours per day. What’s wrong with me? Right now I feel like I’m going to pass out when I know I shouldn’t. I slept about eight hours. I should be wide awake right now confused

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