[But for the sake of LDing, I will.]

Well I'm with my ex, but by how things are going I'm not sure if that's an accurate description. There's another couple laying sort of near us and they are way too curious about us and the girl won't stop saying "hump." So I get up not because I wanted to leave but because I couldn't stand that chick any more. Looking around, I see that we're on a large platform with one way down: high-pressured water slide.

Some of my friends are here and are kind of in a panic because people keep "getting lost." And not the kind of lost that a map fixes. They just poof. I don't really start to freak out until my best friend Ingrid goes missing and my ex decides he wants down. Then EVERYONE freaks out because "oh no someone's gonna go down the slide," even though I don't get what the big deal was. Until the suction pulls him under and he presumably is going to drown. Without thinking I jump down the slide and I'm trying to find him but I make it to the end before I can. Then I see Ingrid again, and I don't even think twice about where she was before.

There's a bunch of loose scattered belongings at the bottom of the slide, small things that fall out of pockets or bags or whathaveyou, Among them is a coin which has significant value for some reason. Ingrid picks up the coin and holds it as high as she can. "I FOUND THE COIN. Do you know what this means?" She yells at everyone down here. She and I both say "We get to keep it now!"

Someone says something like, "hey, you can't do that!" And now everyone is claiming "I DIDN'T DO IT! WASN'T ME!" Surprisingly enough, no one is trying to place the blame on anyone, only off of themselves. More people are appearing by the slide here, but they aren't coming down it. They're coming out of a door that wasn't there before and as I look up they sky is gone and we're in a classroom now. The people coming in are confessing to this crime. The last girl comes in, drops her stuff, and tells everyone to stop lying because she did it and "everyone knows it." So without further question, she is arrested. Then everyone continues on whatever they were doing before the coin was found like nothing ever even happened.