Skipping forward.

Well i did not do anything today except sleep in my friends house we where gonna play basketball at that time but it was canceled because we all woke up late. I sleep 6:30 in the morning because i'm not comfortable at the bed and i wanted to see her online even she was mad at me. I also took some pictures of my friend when he was sleeping it was very funny. I wanted to drank alcohol that time but my mom's friend said no so we did not. I leave his house afternoon and got home at the evening because it was very far and traffic after that my mom ask me to come with her going to church and i did. I left my computer opened for and hour when we got back home i was surprised my brother had a new cellphone and he gave his old one to me. 3nodding We had dinner and i'm still thinking of her a lot lately until i saw her in towns again like yesterday it was like i clicked the ignore button but i did not actually i got her and item on her wish list i was gonna give her that until she goes offline until..

I saw her blog about me she was already erasing me on her memory and i was like wtf. gonk I showed it to my other friends and they say some advise and i realize that she was right. "Forgive but never forgets" that was her and she said she never wanted me to be my close friend again so ive decided at i'm already gonna leave her and hangout with the him she has to be careful because the him is quite like this mrgreen but what ever happens to her now i don't care anymore because shes not my friend anymore. pirate