Duration: February 2014

Status: On-going

Kurama - me

Hiei - The Raving Robot

Comments: We're so chill yo.


The stage was set. Everything was in place. It was a waxing moon nearly full that overlooked them both. The sky was void of clouds allowing a great view of the stars overhead. It was a spectacular evening with the cool, midnight wind gingerly biting at their cheeks. Kurama had chosen this auspicious day to make a move on Hiei who was then in the human world for some business. Finally having managed to whisk the koorime for himself, he recited his lines to perfection after much rehearsal.

Sadly, the script the redhead rehearsed so carefully in his mind did not synchronize with that of Hiei's.

Swallowing hard, Kurama smiled as an automatic response then turned to the youkai beside him. "Could you repeat that for me...? I didn't quite catch it." The human was chuckling softly now, masking the shock he received at the rejection he had received.

The redhead could hear the frantic beating of his heart and clutched at his dress shirt. He could hear his mind's voice screaming at him, screaming in denial at what was happening.

This was not happening. Not to him!

He continued to laugh, softly at first then gradually increasing in volume. It dawned upon him right then and there that despite everything, he was far from perfect. At that moment, Kurama realized that he had been arrogant and had that much of an ego to have never considered being rejected.

After all, as far as he could recall, fate never refused him anything and that was whether he wanted it or not. Plans always went according to plan. Years of quiet existence and luxury as a human perhaps made him soft...

He laughed and laughed shaking uncontrollably as he wrapped his arms around his body. There was the telltale sting of tears in his eyes now. It felt painful to be finally put in his place: off the top of the world.

His enemies were probably laughing at him in the afterlife...

"...Sucks for me then, huh." Kurama said wiping the sides of his eyes with his knuckles and in between the sobs and oddly enough, the soft chuckling. Trying too hard to mask the defeat and rejection... He averted his gaze, not wanting to make anymore further eye contact with the smaller demon beside him.


At first Hiei had been taken a back by Kurama's sudden advances. What in all the worlds had gotten into him? It had been so long that they had known each other, and suddenly, a confession of love? No, that was impossible, but his ears heard it, and before he could even try to be gentle, he dealt the deadly blow. "No."

That was is first and only response. He didn't know how else to respond. He willed his eyes to hide all emotion of surprise and bewilderment from the red-head next to him. What had gotten into him? Was he so lonely? Or was this some kind of sick joke? Well, it mustn't have been a joke since his harsh laughing eventually turned into sobs accompanied by short feeble laughs. Looking straight ahead, his hands on his knees, he stayed completely still, going over Kuramas words again and again.

It wasn't until he spoke that Hiei came back down to reality. "I wouldn't say that." Shrugging lightly, he willed himself to keep his eyes straight ahead, and not to look into the pained eyes he knew his friend would have. "I just don't think of you like that. You are my friend, is it not better we be that, than nothing?" Finally, he turned, locking his red eyes onto Kurama's green ones. Complimentary colors, but there was no way they would compliment each other in such a manner. He just couldn't think of Kurama like that, and there was nothing to do to change it. He sat quietly, looking away not saying another word. He wondered how the rest of this was going to go.