Anyone remember me.,.?

I came back just to check a few things like i always do from time to time but i had a looong break in gaia. Missed a lot of things.

But one things that was a nice suprise is that zOMG is working again!
Before i coudn't enter the game, which probably was one of the reasons i stopped visiting gaia, wasn't about my comp as i tried on others but i didn't try to find out was was the real reason and it was good excuse to stop playing it few hours a day heh...

Now i came back and i still need to get used to it again, i forgot too much xD but i can play now... question is if anyone i know is still playing..? "xD

so not only about zOMG but also Gaia in general, anyone still remember me here? anyone to talk to and all..? in case i will come back