[What a dream to start with, one that I'm not even in.]

I'm some guy probably around the age of thirty. I (as in the 30some year old guy dream me) am some sort of scientist, mad if you ask me (real me), preforming experiments of soul-swapping. And I know, it definitely falls into a moral grey area.

I had done it before, but not very many times. This particular swap puts me in the body of a ten year old boy on his birthday. My name is now Sonje (sahn-jay) and I only know it because I saw it written on the cake. We're a poor family. My mother seems pretty nice, but I have a crazy man for a father. I saw him whisper something to my mother before cutting a small "x" into her forehead with his thumbnail. She was crying. Then he backed me into a corner of a different room and asked me some questions like he suspected me of murder. I don't remember what they were but he didn't like my answers. As he cut an "x" into my forehead I couldn't feel any pain, only some blood dripping out of it. He asked me another question and then spit on his finger and rubbed it into the cut. Still no pain, but it did sting a little.

Later, while we were having cake, some guests came over to the house. I didn't know who they were but my father was still on my case. That's when I had to come clean about who I was. "I have something I need to tell you. I'm not who you think I am. I'm not me, not your son..." Then he got really mad, but not because he didn't believe me. I was shocked at that because as far as I know, I'm the only one who knows about being able to temporarily swap souls with other people, besides my partner of course, who watches over the real me's body while I'm someone else. He demanded to know who I really was and then stormed out the door declaring he's going to go find me and give me a piece of his mind. "What, ME? The real me? You can't do that, I'm not me right now!" He shouted something back but I couldn't hear it. I vaguely remember from the last experiment a way to get back to my own body before it eventually would happen on its own. I wanna go home I wanna go home I wanna go home over and over until it worked. Sort of.

Now I'm a young woman on a run with some friends. We must be in deep s**t because a group of cops are chasing us around a huge auditorium, and what are the chances I'd see that Sonje boy here, sitting on the steps watching us? I waved at him and he waved back but I'm not sure if he knows that I was him a few moments ago. How did he get here so fast? As my friends are passing a large tub of people in human-sized tote bags, they are all grabbing one. I follow suit. What else am I to do? I don't even know why we're running. This middle aged lady I'm now lugging around must know why, because she's not complaining even after slipping so far into her bag that I'm sure she's got to be suffocating. We do a few laps around the audience and slide into a full row close to the back once we think the cops have slacked behind us enough and dump our human carry-ons. We almost get busted too but we managed to get backstage long enough before them to blend in.

Why can't I just swap souls with a normal person?