Beki's Gaia update:

    The new De Tail ad has an Ian cosplayer in it. lmao

    Edebel has rad "male" and "female" poses. Not only must I have it, I think people had better damn well appreciate this cute as heck limited. Frilly top, ribbon, sassy arm pose, chocolatey ahoge, and a solid jodhpur legmod on top of my irl hair- bring it on!

    I totally tried to make Cygnus' G&G elf with my invo. Maybe I'll wear it someday, heh.

    Cocklebur king has a gender-neutral interspecies romance with "masculine" poses. I KNOW WHAT I'M PUTTING ON THE POLL FROM NOW ON~ I'M SORRY HARDHEARTED I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BUT. GENDER-NEUTRALLLL!!! NONHUMAN! like I'm meh about the animal aspect but NON HUMAN IS AWESOME MORE EXPLORATIONS PLS THANK YOU FOR SHOWING NONHUMAN + HUMAN INTERACTIONS and seriously nongendered main character who likes the guize let me hug you

    New contest in the official Gaia contest forum! Whatwhatwhat! People were saying it needed to be taken away because it was so old. How stellar! And more interactions and prizes, that sisky sure is a sweetheart, I feel like she's observing the GCD's discontent even if nobody else is (and I'm certain others are, given their presence and responses).

    Yesterday at noon, Catastrophe gen2 was selling at just 155k. Now it's up by 120k, and gen 1 is also up some 100k.
    Whoever the ******** is steadily AI-ing it, ******** stop, I need that facemod for my Nicolae cosplay and the camera for paparazzi shenanigans. You dicks.

    User RobotInProgress is trying to foil my noble quest to collect cheaply-priced NPC dolls. It's a shame I already have the Bidding War achievement, because it is ON.

    Cash video offers are going at a somewhat decent enough rate for me to believe I will be able to afford an MC letter this month. Now we just have to see if I want one.

    Somebody added my avatar as a favorite! =w=~

    PM from the Welcome Fairy. Okay, honey.

    I've gone this long without knowing about the Dernier*Cri's Bifrost's hidden pose. rip self for the heart attack that just gave me.

    Also, jfc the nice things m+m said about my fic. what the hell you guyss

    It is now formally Spring Break. I've got some serious cosplay to complete in the next week before AB. Must focus.

    (Also also, I was just in a student film tonight whooo)