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___i'll be the jack of all trades ' '...{{<3}} you be the master of none______--++
Tonight, I AM GOING HOME... for the weekend. I had one of the most hectic weeks I can remember but man am I glad it's finally over and my assignments are handed in. I have a few more assignments due in like a week but those are minuscule in comparison.

I know, I know. I said I was going to post my tumblr and my blogger buuuut. I dunno. I'm still having second thoughts. I really want to connect my interest and my daily life. Both my tumblrs are separate and my blogger with my work is expertly hidden. Even my facebook has a unique name because of my work with Alex. Working with unscrupulous people really makes you paranoid. :/

I started a writing project called 100 Days of Lace. I won't give away what game or fandom this new OTP is from but some people are very, very close to figuring it out, if they haven't already and they're just being nice to me. I have been on this ship since October, it's been STRONG too. I mean. They jumped their way to OTP status pretty early on with me and still on my mind. (To the point I made a huge 30 chapter story about them and too shy to share it with anybody ////) On top of that story, the new project I have is from years ago where I did 100 Days of Witchery for Witch Hunter Robin because Amon and Robin will always be my first major OTP, but I never finished it! I always felt bad about that. Now this new ship on the other hand is like what my ships would have been when I was a teen. I was never motivated enough or had enough time to really focus on such a thing. NOW though. HAhaHA. University has been both a godsend and bane because I seriously love the fact that taking a break from reading and assignments is more reading and assignments but with my fandoms.

And this all might seem stupid. Being so bent on two fictional characters. It's borderline asinine. The way I see it though, there are two characters I see have a special relationship (different special depending on canon and fandom) except they motivate me. They make me want to characterize and practise my writing style. This is why I bother to write. These characters have a unique bond so strong (or a great fandom) and it just inspires me. Also, after being depressed with my own story about the arctic and killing everybody, it was this ship that cheered me up. I also talk in circles about the pairing because I'm rather embarrassed about it. Like... people misunderstand and compare it to another persona and confuse the ship with... well, ******. -SIGHS HEAVILY- I wish the anime was such a steaming pile of s**t that skews the game canon. Oh well. :/

ONE DAY THOUGH. ONE DAY. I will admit to it once I am more comfortable (it's been six months I need to get over it) but for now I want to fix all the stories I have up and get at least 10 Days of Lace down before I continue.

For Bipolar I disorder, to be diagnosed, it's criteria is having a manic episode, Just one. One single episode. Goddamn.

Man, disorders are so intense sometimes. They're something you cannot control if you suffer or experience one. Many people say they have bi-polar disorder. A lot of them were friends who told me they were. I recently met someone with the disorder. Yeah, my friends liked to bullshit. This girl I met is a perfectly fine functioning human being but goddamn mood swings from manic to depressive and euphoric to violent. It's frightening how fast the attitude can change and sometimes its so minuscule that I just see the micro-expression and I think "Oh, she didn't like that, I'll change the subject" to her letting out a screech and clamping her hands over her mouth because she knew she was being loud yet she couldn't help it because the emotions are so strong and sudden she can't control them. These intense emotions can sometime last on her for days and I sometimes don't see her for a month.

Also, chicks keep talking in the back of the class and I swear my teacher is about to lose his s**t because he keeps stopping his lecture and just stares at them. The more he does it, the more intense the stare. LOL.

Quick, someone write me something happy because dammit I have to write a sad scene to get the story moving again but I made really emotionally charged and I feel bad because this is the 3rd time in the story I've split them up and GOD in my head I'm like 'this is either love or insanity' and then I realized they are the EXACT same thing sometimes. Honestly, it's not that they're fighting or anything but people get in the way and now she sacrificed her life for the GOOD OF THE PEOPLE. ;-;

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commentCommented on: Sat Mar 15, 2014 @ 08:57am
Oh my God.



If you legit have fanfiction of these two, gimme some sugar, I used to be your neighbor. We need to skype this, it's been so long that I have a lot of things to tell you! Particularly about this ship!

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