In the end, it seems that in terms of luck, you're dealt the cards you're dealt.
Most things happen for a reason, there doesn't seem to be luck involved.
If god exists, there's a reason for everything that's happened, isn't there?
And if things happen for a reason, why not think of all the good that came from that reason?

I've been born with many illnesses, and I guess that happens sometimes.
My illnesses have taught me how to be relatively strong.

My sperm donor leaving was for the better.
I was able to have the most awesome step-dad ever.

Not having friends till I was older was also a good thing in a way.
Now I'm capable of understanding how a friendship works.

I'm thankful for making the friends I've made, although some of them have lied to and betrayed me. They've taught me who's a true friend to me.

It'd be nice for an even more positive outlook on things, but for now, this is a good start.