I'm very happy to come back to this and see how many people have taken the time to read everything I have written <3

So today was pretty magical.
I want to tell the world I've found you, but I feel I must hide in a cave.
Why can't they just understand?
My heart raced as you held my chin, would this be the moment I kiss you?
I've never felt such bliss until tasting your love on my lips.
I was afraid to say it first, lest my heart be ripped from my chest.
Your eyes are as truthful as the words tumble from your mouth. I love you too sir, and I hope you will continue to love me through it all.
My soul sings when you hold me, and I cannot think of anything else when you're away.
How can talking to you make my heart flutter, well past the first day?
I want to hold you in my arms. I need to place my ear to your chest, just so I can enjoy the sound of your heart skipping.
I love you, and soon the world will know.