"Ok no, I didn't actually have anything planned. It was more of a ruse to maybe keep you reading. Even though it didn't seem the exciting.. anyways. On with the characters." Said.. all of them at once?
"uh.. my turn!" Mimi stepped up to direct your attention away from the previous moment. "I'm Mimi.. and I'm the shy one. I represent the kind, innocent, and lighter side of this one. I love cute things and lots of colors! And.. animals, and I love cake and pastry and pretty much anything with whipped cream. And I love.. people. I like people, when they're nice.." her face went sad for a moment then smiled again, "I love it when people are happy and kind. I like helping others and I love being around animals and nature. I also love magical things. Like unicorns, fairies and all that kind of stuff. When I grow up I want to be a good mom and make people smile and to be happy in general."
"So basically, you're like a five year old." Mai poked fun at her.
"Yeah.. sort of. I'm.. I'm the child side of the mind who.. keeps us stable and be able to remind ourselves of the childlike happy moments." A yellow glow surrounded her. She did look considerable younger than both of the others. Her hair was a light color, that changed into certain tints at times. For now it's sticking around to be a brownish orange. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke about her interests. Mimi was wearing a camisole with a light jacket that was a big baggy on her to emphasis her smallness while also wearing khaki Capri's.
"Yes exactly. One statement we have heard before many times is that no matter how old you get, never let go of the child inside of you, and that is who she is. She is a major part in our existence." Ai explained.
"Yeah.. but I get scared really easily. A-and I get really nervous and become socially awkward and.." her voice was becoming smaller and smaller, "and I have low esteem.." she said in a small sad voice.
"Yes. That is a major part in our character too. But don't think it all bad, without our shyness we wouldn't be such great listeners, or a great listener, rather. Everything happens for a reason." Ai voiced in a way as if she had said this many times before.
"Can we move on to the best part of me?"
"I suppo-"
"Great. Enough about miss know-it-all and miss crybaby. Let me tell you a little about Maiself." she raised an eyebrow giving off a small smirk. "I represent the darker, sassier, basically awesome side of one. I hold all of the primal instincts. If someones being an a*****e, I'd slap'm across their face. If someone is disrespecting all this," she motioned at herself, "they get a nice punch in the stomach. I also hold the instincts of simple things like, if something is hurdling towards my face I'd react and catch it or block it or some s**t.
I'm basically the one that is 100% more likely to back talk and put a b***h in their place. I also hold all of the sexual-"
Mimi gasped,"Shhhh!"
Mai smiled, "what?" She totally knew what.
"You know what! I can't believe we're letting you type about that stuff."
"It's alright Mimi. This story is unrated. Besides it is very normal for a human being to have sexual thoughts."
"I know b-but.. what if people I know read this!" her face was growing red.
"Then they'll get over it." Mai stepped in front of both of them. "So I'm the one that holds the sexual ideas and themes and such. I'm basically the only one here that has any moves on the men. I am the man's lady. But that does not mean I leave out the ladies."
"Oh my god." Mimi covered her face. "W-we aren't lesbian though."
"Well, no not really. But maybe like 1/5th lesbian."
"Perhaps this is getting too personal. We don't want to scare away the audience on the first few chapters." Ai spoke.
"People need to get over it then. If 1/5th of a lesbian is going to scare them. So stupid. Anyway, I'm the side of one that has never been actually expressed much in the 'real world'. As Mimi said, her social awkwardness hides us away. But someday I shall go to a party. Not a birthday cake with balloons and pizza party. But a real ******** party, with booze, loud music, cheering, sketchy people and sketchy games. The real parties." heavy rock music played in the background as Mai held her fist up to her chest looking up into the distance. Red splotches appeared in her background in different shades. "Like the blood of my enemies. Yuh know, this whole quotations thing is getting tiring. I keep making ********' typos." Can we just- ********, "can we just not do the quotes thing? Who am I even asking, I work for myself. I can do what I want.
That's a bit better.
I dunno.. people might get confused. A-an it makes us look crazier than we already do.
She has a point you know.
Haha, yeah I didn't think this whole story looked that crazy until this happened... Am I able to put emotes in books? To publishers let us do that?
That is above our knowledge, I do not know.
B3 I'm doing it.
We could always go back and delete it if they don't.

"That was horrendous. We're definitely confusing the audience. Let's just stick to quotes just for Our sake."
"Kay. BU"
"bu?" Mimi stared at Mai's typing.
"It's a face."
"Oh. Okay... maybe this is what all writers do. Like, the characters they make are all pieces of themselves. That's what this story is about. Learning about myself as you learn about myself and maybe even yourself. It's so confusing.. but maybe later it'll make more sense on how I think. er.. we think.
The mind is a crazy thing so, we're going to basically analyze and express it. I guess. Also, Ai said this would be a good opportunity to show off all the short stories we've made!" She said happily. "This is going to be a great adventure."