Whispered bickering could be heard in the darkness. "Go!" a whisper shouted as suddenly the sound of someone falling over against the ground made a spot light shine down through the darkness, as if someone falling was its queue.
The light was harshly bright against the small girl who sat under it. She slowly stood herself up bringing her hands close to her face. She particularly didn't like being put on the spot like this. The girl covered her face. "Say the things!" the whispered shout sounded from the shadows surrounding the girl.
"Uh.. Hello.." she began to mumble incoherent stutters when she was interrupted by an over sized mega-phone.
"Cut. Cut it! Come on. We need to have a big entrance." The once whispered shouts are now real shouts blasting at the small girl. She kept her hands over her ears wincing at the sound.
"Stoop" she complained.
"Why do we need to make such an entrance?" Another voice came out of the shadows, this one much calmer. All of the lights suddenly turned on making the one spot light seem less intense and blend into the background.
"Because I said so." The girl with the megaphone said plainly.
"Or perhaps this is because this is some sort of allusion to Shakespeare. 'All the world is a stage' and what not." The calm voice pointed out.
"Blah blah. Literacy bull." The girl with the megaphone threw the megaphone off screen.
"It isn't bull!" the small girl squeaked, then suddenly quieted down when she realized her passions were starting to get a bit out of check, "I-I like literature and making stories.."
"Yeah, yeah. It's sort of obvious yuh hurdur." the girl who formally had the megaphone flicked the small girl on the forehead for noticing the slight hint of corniness in the small girls speech.
"We should begin explaining, otherwise this won't make any sense." The calmer voice noted.
"Right right, we are all one person and we think we might be interesting enough to read about so we're writing it down, yeah. Jokes on you! You already bought this, so Hah. Thank you for your patronage."
The small girl pouted angrily at the megaphone girl for her rudeness.

"What she means to say is that the three of us represent the personalities of one person. This does not mean we are a person with the bi-polar disease. We all together make one persons mind. So, each of us represents a side of one. We are here to question, what is normal? What is wrong with ourselves? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with society? and What is the difference between you and me?
Well, is it normal to split yourself into three basic personalities? Am I crazy to be writing about this? Who knows, and who's to say?"
She was suddenly interrupted.
"Oh my god, you're going to put our readers to sleep. All these questions. Can we just move on to the good part?"
"I suppose. I'll explain more later anyways."
"Great." The megaphone girl smiled. "I hope 'megaphone girl' doesn't become a thing."
"Well if we do create a fan base, chances are they will just to spite you... but however now they won't just to spite me.. hm. I seem to be causing a mental paradox." they both looked at the smaller girl, who said nothing, so they moved on.
The calm girl continued, "Let's just start with myself. Now as I've just told you, we are three parts of one person. I am the one that contains the mental capacity, the brains. I hold all of our memories and keep track of the subconscious." as she spoke, her and the area around her began to gain color. Your mind began thinking of how to visualize this girl. "I'm the one in the group that focuses more on problem solving and figuring out obstacles, rather than feel emotion." a wave of blue shades and tints surrounded her. Her pale skin appeared almost grey in the now dimming light. "I am also the voice in this head that is always heard when reading. Perhaps this is a different voice for everyone else? I suppose the world may never know."
"I should warn you, since we are all fragments of imagination, and are aware of it, we may change appearance and shape as we please. For now we shall stick to the basics. If we were to compare ourselves to the three primary colors, I would be blue. Megaphone girl would be red, and the small girl be yellow."
"Can we do our names?" the small girl looked up at the pale girl excitedly.
"Yes. My name is Ai. Pronounced 'eye' for the reference that I am the one who over sees this mind, and holds control over my thoughts and subconscious."
"She does not have control over all of the thoughts" the megaphone girl spoke out, "I'm the 'red' one and my name is Mai, pronounced 'my'. Short for, Maiself."
"Wouldn't it be 'Myself''?" Ai questioned.
"No it's spelled different."
"An I'm Mimi!" Mimi jumped up happily to say her name. "It's pronounced 'MeeMee'. So it's like, Me," she pointed at herself, "My- er Maiself", she pointed at Mai, "And I, well. Ai." she pointed at Ai.
"Yes. Now tomorrow we shall focus on you." Ai spoke towards Mimi.
"Yay." Mimi smiled sweetly.
"Aw damnit." Mai said crestfallen as if she had sooo much planned. "I do. Shut up."