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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Preferably Together
I am a little bit late making this entry... =l
But what eva! =o I was gone for a long for a long time, because there was a nasty power outage in my town! D= There was no power, and thus, no internet =[
But, everything's all fixed up, now! C:
I'm looking forward to catching up, friend beasts. Still, the storm was crazy... the one that caused the outage. It was an ice storm like I've never seen before, ice was falling constantly, heavily, all night. The trees were encased in ice, and when a few fell in the road, the leaves and branches shattered like glass. But still, it was almost enjoyable... I walked through the forest, and the river was totally full, rushing like crazy, and when I looked up through the gray, leafless branches of the trees, I saw a crescent moon in the day sky. I love that forest, it's where I go when I want to be left alone, because I have a headache or something... =P
But still! Yesterday it was warm! But, I was too busy to go swimming... it's been months since I went to the beach to swim. I live a mile or two away from it, so it's easy to get to. But, it's March! And, the months are going really fast, but it will be warm and vibrant outside again, soon. I have always loved the winter, and the cold... but all of this dead, silent grayness... I've had enough for now =[
We got some really good snow this year! Like, probably the best I've ever seen... in California, I never saw snow, but it does snow here in North Carolina. So, maybe the best I've ever seen. This breaks the streak of snow-less years, and years that were just cheap dusts that disappeared before morning! :3
I was able to get pictures, too.
But anyway... the blackout was hectic. There were so many people acting like zombies were rising out of the ground to eat all of our faces =o
The power being out sucked. But, it wasn't all bad. I stood on the back porch that first night, and looked out into the forest, and the ice was falling, and the trees were frozen... and I felt really inspired by it all. Just the frozen, night silence. So much inspiration, not enough time to get it all out on paper... plus, it's really hard for me to focus at times... but, I had a dream this morning. I dreamt that I was talking on a road, and autumn colored trees lined the sides of the road. Above my head, th sky was a distant blue... and the moon hung in it, nonetheless =P
I'm going to write lyrics about it, and name the song "Autumni", or "Autumnal". Then, maybe I'll try to make some music for in with my piano :3
But, This entry it getting reeeeally long 0~0
I just wanted to tell you guys what I've been up to lately! I feel pretty good, but there's alot of personal drama going on. Even so, I have a knack for disregarding things that try to hurt me, so these people and things that keep trying to hurt me, are disregarded, because their words could never mean enough to hurt or even elevate me. And, I go about my life ^^
Winter is ending, everyone. Spring will be here... and another year will have gone by. I'm a little late to say it... but let's make it a really good one, preferably together.

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Zephyr Cera
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Mar 12, 2014 @ 09:21pm
Ah! You are such a thinker! :] I'm also over the winter. The liveliness of Spring gets me pumped up!

;] And don't ever let anyone bring you down.

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