I'm just a lame kiddo who FREAKING ADORES AVATAR SITES
I started Gaia around 09 when I was 8 [ovo]
I love:
♡My Cello
♥My Nintendo 3DS
♡♥My saviour Jesus Christ

I'm 14. I Love to draw while raging a tidbit c,x It's okay though because it ends up a ghetto success♡ ^3^b

I'm a dork when it comes to gaming & Reading. Yes I do read manga & watch anime, It's a bit mainstream now so why the surprise? pftt

I'm not very active but If you wanna catch me somewhere active it's on these two apps.
Kik & Lineplay

My username should and will always usually be ShiroJiki c,x Although I sometimes change it on Lineplay so find me on kik first yum_puddi