Finally done the thing I wanted to do the most...spend 500 million gold on helping people got items they quested for ^.^

I hope everyone is enjoying they're new items biggrin

Edit: Erm...let me rephrase this so it doesn't sound like I am tooting my own horn sweatdrop

In the very beginning when I first joined Gaia, I had goals that were related to items. I was only ever interested in the fox ears and tails that I now own, but this was due to my friends helping me out. Without they're support, I wouldn't be wearing these right now. I also have a grunny which I absolutely love! Anyway...
I made it my ultimate goal to help out as many people as I could. I wanted to make sure everyone had atleast one item they were looking for. I worked hard to get a 100k item(rediculous in todays standars, right? 100k? Thats not expensive. This was in the time that 1 million was considered unreachable.)