I've been thinking how long am I gonna have this gaia and so I thought, probably a longggggg time. I mainly use it now, just for writing or vending my feelings also my thoughts about things in life. Haha I guess. I'm getting pretty old. The things I say are getting pretty old too. Anyways.. my random thought begins.

Usually when I have a weird dream about him. It usually turns almost the same in my dream. Kinda., Except for the part where he confesses he still likes me lol but that's probably me hoping that he still does other than that our conversations are the same when I dream. Just talking about how hes life is, how he is doing, anything new going on and so on. Nothing about that he likes me lol cause I seriously think that is my part that i wish to happen, but I know its not true. I guess... I just want to here him say it and not feel bad that I'm the only one still kinda feeling that way about things.