People are so unfriendly on this site anymore O_O"...joining a public game room and typing the words, "Hello there" gets the equivalent response as if you had committed an ultimate sin. Joining a towns session and trying to talk to people gets you rude comments about you're attire and how "Poor" you must be gaia gold wise. Posting up the DEAL OF A LIFETIME on the market place, an item going for as high as 18 million gold being listed up for 2k, and not even so much as a, "Thank you!" or a question of motives. Not even money can buy conversations on this site anymore.

It seems the only place you can escape these cruel and harsh players is to turn to the forums. Its the only place once can find friendly people anymore. I remember the days when it was incredibly easy to make fact, my friends list was so massive from all the friends I had made over time, I took to deleting the inactive ones just to add others who wanted to be my friend! These were times where buying gaia cash wasn't necessary to earn friends, and gold wasn't a factor as harsh as it is today. Its times like these I truly miss Tinierme...there are many factors I wish gaia would implement...just to make it closer to Tinierme.

But that's for another rant...I am very thankful to the people who took that extra mile to respond to my PMs, and to contact me to get to know me. To these individuals, and you know who you are, I thank you for standing amongst the crowd of insensitive individuals. Ill admit, I use to have my fair share of being one of those that plague gaia, but I have changed for the better after Tinierme closed down. I look forward to repaying you're kindness that you showed me one day, weither it is helping you with an item that you are questing or simply being there when you need a friend the most.