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Addium's Journal
Chance Items I Owned *Minis* (A)
Here is a list of all the mini chance items I owned on my previous account and what I own now.

Pre-Banning: Before February 22, 2014
Post Banning: After February 22, 2014

A Call to Arms (January 28, 2016)
Artificial Heart of the Sword
Traveling Five Yen Favor

A Manner of Speech (September 29, 2015)
[Animal] Acornut Mood Bubble
[Animal] Autumn Leaf Mood Bubble
[Animal] Black Dark Glasses Collection
[Animal] Crimson Dark Glasses Collection
[Animal] Hot Chocolate Mood Bubble
[Animal] Pumpkin Mood Bubble
Acornut Mood Bubble
Apple Cider Mood Bubble
Astra: Hot Caffe Macchiato
Astra: Hot Spiced Latte
Astra: Spiced Star Confetti
Autumn Dark Glasses Collection
Autumn Scarf Collection
Mushroom Mood Bubble
Red Scarf Collection
White Scarf Collection

A Picture for the Wall (September 27, 2015)
[Animal] Moga Beaches
[Animal] Moga Crystal Caves
[Animal] Moga Deserts
[Animal] Moga Fields
[Animal] Moga Fire Caves
[Animal] Moga Forests
[Animal] Moga Galaxy's Gate
[Animal] Moga Heavenly Greens Cemetary
[Animal] Moga Journey BGs
[Animal] Moga Journeys
[Animal] Moga Parched Deserts
[Animal] Moga Shattered Star
[Animal] Moga Summer Town
[Animal] Moga Sunsoaked Beaches
[Animal] Moga Towns
[Animal] Moga Tranquil Farmland
[Animal] Moga Travels
[Animal] Moga Wild Waters
Moga Beaches
Moga Crystal Caves
Moga Deserts
Moga Fire Caves
Moga Forests
Moga Journey BGs
Moga Journeys
Moga Natural Caves
Moga Parched Deserts
Moga Sunsoaked Beaches
Moga Towns
Moga Travels
Moga Wild Waters

A Rainy Day (March 5, 2016)
[Animal] Under Dusky Weather
All Frighteningly Negative
Cute Thundercloud Couture
Dusky Heart Clouds
Freezing Teru Teru Bozu
Ominous Rainy Day
Quick Semester
Rainy Cirrus Business

A Touch of Color (January 17, 2015)
Blue Raspberry Marionette Restrung
Devil's Manic Kitchen *Exclusive*
Chocolate Cherry Social *Exclusive*
Genuine Princeless Princess *Exclusive*
Grape Godina *Exclusive*
Lemon Marionette Restrung *Exclusive*
Nine Lives to Thrive *Exclusive*
Oblique Shooter *Exclusive*
Obsessive Stalker *Exclusive*
Orange Hunter's Destiny *Exclusive*
Refined Getaway *Exclusive*
Twilight Swamplands Circe *Exclusive*

A Wish Upon An Astra (March 21, 2015)
Astra: Blue Glowing Forehead Circle
Astra: Celestial Floating Feathers
Astra: Cool Blue Hair Bow
Astra: Dancing Toy Junior the Shark
Astra: Dark Glowing Obsidian Breeze
Astra: Dark Glowing Scarlet Breeze
Astra: Dark Void Butterflies
Astra: Ethereal Arc
Astra: Fire Void Butterflies
Astra: Glowing Azure Breeze
Astra: Glowing Goldenrod Breeze
Astra: Glowing Pure Breeze
Astra: Glowing Sakura Breeze
Astra: Infinite Void Butterflies
Astra: Inversion
Astra: Midnight Void Butterflies
Astra: Navy Hair Bow
Astra: Peach Back Bow
Astra: Radioactive Radiance
Astra: Red Glowing Forehead Diamond
Astra: Red Glowing Moon
Astra: Rich Floating Feathers
Astra: Romantic Floating Feathers
Astra: Rosy Radiance
Astra: Soft Floating Feathers
Astra: Spring Shower
Astra: Tea Green Hair Bow
Astra: White Glowing Forehead Circle
Astra: Yellow Glowing Forehead Circle

ABsuary (January 31, 2016)
[Animal] Purity of Diedrich
Purity of Diedrich

Adventure Time (March 20, 2012)
Candy Kingdom
Demon Cat
Finn and Jake's Tree Fort
Finn Companion
Ice King Companion
Ice Kingdom
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Companion
Jake the Magical Dog
Lady Rainicorn Companion
LSP Companion
Lumpy Space Princess
Marceline Bat Companion
Marceline Companion
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Marceline's Cave House
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee Companion
No Worms on the Bed
Party Pat
Party Pat Companion
Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum Companion
Princess Collection
Prince Gumball
Prince Gumball Companion
SDSuper AT06 Lady Rainicorn
SDSuper AT12 Gumball
Susan Strong Companion
The Ice King

Always Tea Time (September 3, 2014)
Ace of Sweets *Bundle Exclusive*
Dichromatic Rabbit Nurse
Flowing Lucid Daydream
Flowing Lucid Fantasy
Flowing Lucid Trance
Haigha's Insanity
Haigha's Tomfoolery
Hostess of Unreasonable Tea
House of Mysteries
Manic Hatter
Mirky Hatter
Mutie the Cat *User Recolor*
Sable Delight
The Foolhardy Hatter
The Impetuous Hatter
The Jabberwock Rejuvenated
The Jabberwock Rekindled
World of Slick *User Recolor*

Ancient Chest COMPLETE (November 30, 2007)

Angelic Flight (June 2, 2015)
Aegle Repose
Angel of Intensity
Ciro's Orbit
Flightful Imagination
Harut's Wings
Holy Thriving Flower
Hopeful Amadea
Immortal Goddess of the Moon
Lavish Virgin Lace
Lustrous Lily
O'holy Light
Prima's Angelic Wings
Prima's Brilliant Halo
Prima's Frozen Halo
Prima's Frozen Wings
Prima's Raven Wings
Relentless Amadea
Supernal Angelique
Veritable Daeva

Angelic Paradise (March 9, 2015)
Acolyte's Eternal Blessing
Allagan Holy Arcanist
Angel of Brilliance
Aria's Eternal Invocation
Blessed Celeste Fleur-de-Lys
Celestial Angelique
Forbidden Neo Angel's Thesis
Heavenly Progeny Daedalus' Revolt
O'holy Invocation
Mixr Studio Headphones *User Recolor*
Pallid Aethereal Acolyte
Rabuteku Ekkusu Scarf *User Recolor*
Refined Holy Gauntlets
Solemn One Winged Angel
Steadfast Amadea
Strong Willed Aethereal Acolyte
Unfading Amadea

Another Day In Town (August 25, 2015)
Aekean Wizarding School
Barton Checkmate Academy
Bartonerin Donut Darling
Bartonerin Wizarding School
Durem Donut Darling
Durem Wizarding School
Gambian Checkmate Academy
Gambian Donut Darling
Gambinador Wizarding School
Heart of a Barton Schoolboy
Heart of a Durem Schoolboy
Heart of a Gambino Schoolboy
Ian's Barton School Memories
Ian's Durem School Memories
Ian's Gambino School Memories
Instant Barton Doki
Jack's Aekea Attitude
Jack's Barton Attitude
Jack's Durem Attitude
Jack's Gambino Attitude
Moira's Barton Rebellion
Moira's Durem Rebellion
Moira's Gambino Rebellion
Sandman's Aekea Style
Sandman's Barton Style
Sandman's Durem Style
Sandman's Gambino Style

Anti V-Day (February 22, 2016)
Angry Club Killer
Anzen Rambler
Caroline Teppista
Cool One Pound Rioter
Crazy Bright Diamond
Crimson Hazardous Punk
Daring Cerebranaut Cadet
Extreme Roundball Punch
Melty Kira Kira Crusher
Pierce the Supernova
Spicy Cat Breath
Wicked Prim Punk
Zircon Spunk

April Memories COMPLETE (May 27, 2014)

Arctic Atmosphere(December 15, 2014)
Astra: Cabin Getaway
Astra: Cabin Getaway Snowglobe
Astra: Daytime Holiday Porch
Astra: Hot Cup of Holiday Coffee
Astra: Mist Luminous Butterflies
Astra: Nighttime Holiday Porch
Astra: Pure Luminous Butterflies
Astra: Rose Luminous Butterflies
Astra: Sunlight Luminous Butterflies
Astra: Wintry Park
Astra: Wintry Park Night

Art Blocked (February 25, 2016)
[Animal] Paint Kid
Happy Little Artists
Let's Draw a Latte
Pushing Bright Pixels
Pushing Pixels
Sinful Splatter

Astra Metamorphosis *COMPLETE* (September 22, 2011)

Astra Metamorphosis Deux *COMPLETE* (August 30, 2012)

Attention to De-Tails (March 14, 2014)
Astra-156: Waving Tabby Tiger Tail
Astra-157: Waving Blood Red Tiger Tail
Astra-158: Waving Cute Pink Tiger Tail
Astra-159: Waving Orange Tiger Tail
Astra-160: Waving Black Cat Tail
Astra-161: Waving Pink Cat Tail
Astra-162: Waving Blood Red Cat Tail
Astra-163: Waving Cream Cat Tail
Astra-164: Waving Cobalt Cat Tail
Astra-165: Waving Grey Cat Tail
Astra-166: Waving Light Brown Cat Tail
Astra-168: Waving White Cat Tail
Astra-169: Waving Grey and White Cat Tail
Astra-170: Waving Black and White Cat Tail
Astra-171: Waving Brown and White Cat Tail
Astra-172: Swishing White Wolf Tail
Astra-173: Swishing Orange Fox Tail
Astra-174: Swishing Light Blue Fox Tail
Astra-175: Swishing Light Brown Wolf Tail
Astra-176: Swishing Brown Wolf Tail
Astra-177: Swishing Black Wolf Tail
Astra-178: Swishing Red and White Fox Tail
Astra-179: Swishing Black and White Fox Tail
Astra-181: Swishing Pink and White Fox Tail
Astra-182: Whipping Black Devil Tail
Astra-183: Whipping Blood Red Devil Tail
Astra-184: Whipping White Devil Tail
Astra: Waving Momoko Cat Tail
Astra: Whipping Toxic Devil Tail

Awakening Fairy (April 28, 2015)
Leviathan's Frigid Rampage

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