I am a girl.
I am 14-25 years old.
I have different colored hair.
My hair is short.
My hair is wavy.
My hair is choppy.
I have split ends.
My name starts with the letter C.
I’m “mature.”
I like chocolate.
My school is all girls. (was)
I have a best friend.
I can tell anything to my best friend.
My best friend and I are crazy, loud, and fun.
I’m gothic. (to an extent)
I’m geeky.
I’m brainy.
I’m nerdy.
I don’t believe in stereotypes/labeling.
I’m ME.
And that’s the way I want to be.
I don’t care what people think.
I have siblings.
My house is big. (Friends')
My house has one story.
My closet is tiny.
I have a desk in my room.
I have drawers in my room.
I dress for comfort.
I make up my own trends.
I dress however I want.
I dress like all my friends.
I’m Caucasian. (white)
I have an accent when I speak. (Caper woot woot)
My favorite food is all of these.
I like to read.
I read mangas.
I read novels.
I read fiction.
I read fantasy.
I read action/adventure.
I like to write.
I like making up fanfiction.
I write my own stories.
I like taking pictures.
I take pictures of random things.
I take pictures of people.
I take pictures of myself.
I have another webpage. (Friendster, hi5, Livejournal, etc.)
I have an instrument somewhere in my house, but I don’t know how to play it.
My favorite type of music is rock.
My favorite type of music is the stuff all my friends listen to.
My favorite type of music is something unknown.
I appreciate all types of music.
My favorite music is something in a different language.
I like watching movies.
My favorite type of movies is action/adventure.
My favorite type of movies is gory.
My favorite type of movies is scary.
My favorite type of movies is something in a different language.
My favorite type of movies is animated.
My favorite type of movies is Disney.
I like all movies.
I just watched a movie in theatres within the past two weeks.
I watch television.
I’m addicted to a TV show.
I watch dramas.
I watch soap operas.
I watch an action series.
I watch anime.
I believe in magic.
I believe this world needs peace.
I know what global warming is.
I believe in ghosts and demons.
My shoes are sneakers.
My shoes are OLD.
I just got new shoes.
I have a collection of something.
I don’t have a celebrity crush.
I believe in magical unicorns!
I think Johnny Depp is sexy.
I’m in love with Channing Tatum. Not in love but he’s one sexy mofocka.
I’d rather have gorgeous Jessica Alba.
I think Jessica Simpson is a dumb blonde.
I use mechanical pencils.
I love the smell of Sharpie pens.