[] Material things mean a lot to you. (depends but mostly no)
[x] The reason you try hard in school is so you are very successful.
[] Your parents push you to become very wealthy.
[] You already live in a moderately-rich climate.
[] You have a job.
[] Money is better than love.
[] You want to own your own business.
[x] You go shopping at least once a week.
[] You own a car.
[] One day you hope to have a very nice house and car.
Total: 2

[x] You get mostly all A’s in school. (except when I was in high school lol)
[x] Many people call you very smart or intelligent.
[x] Sometimes you get good grades without even studying
[x] You enjoy learning about the world and everything in it.
[x] You’re a very curious person.
[] You want to cure cancer or something extraordinary like it.
[x] You believe that you learn something new every day.
[x] You read a lot.
[x] The internet is a great source of information.
[x] You always have perfect grammar. (try really hard to, sometimes I slip up)
Total: 9

[] Your family is the most important thing in your life.
[] You come from a very large family.
[x] You have at least 3 other siblings.
[] Your parents are still married.
[] The main goal in your life is to get married and have kids.
[] You want at least three children.
[] A mini van is your choice of automobile.
[] You don’t care about jobs; you want to stay home and take care of your family.
[] Your family has a lot of reunions.
[] You would die for anyone in your family.
Total: 1

[x] You love to flirt.
[] You’re a mess without a boyfriend.
[] You have had at least 4 boyfriends this year.
[] You go on dates every Friday/Saturday night
[] You’ve had sex/cannot wait for it.
[] You love being held/kissed/being romantic.
[] You could never only be intimate with one person forever.
[] Looks/sex is the main thing you look for in a guy.
[] The best date is a candlelit dinner and a long walk on the beach.
[] You fall for someone very easily, but not for long.
Total: 1

[] You are very popular in your school.
[x] It seems you are very easy to get along with.
[x] You have at least 8 good friends.
[] You want to be famous someday from singing/acting/modeling/other
[] The best feeling is having everybody around you.
[] You’re a very friendly and outgoing person.
[] You talk to just about anyone you see or meet.
[] You are mainly the life of the party.
[] You are in a variety of different clubs/sports in your school.
[x] No matter where you go, your best friend is always with you.
Total: 3

[x] You like to create new things.
[x] Many people call you very unique.
[x] You’ve been in a school play.
[x] Art is something you’ve always enjoyed.
[] You are in the school band.
[] Music = Life.
[x] You love taking pictures or videotaping.
[x] Crafts are always very fun.
[] Your wardrobe is always very fun and colorful.
[] You’d like to get a job that deals with art.
Total: 6

[] True love really exists.
[] So far, you’ve had a very successful love life.
[] Forget dating at random, you want your soul mate
[] Once you find your true love, nothing will stand in the way.
[x] You’ve only had one boyfriend, or none at all yet.
[] Your main goal in life is to get married to your loved one.
[x] Sex is something you hold very sacred, and should only be shared with your love.
[] The sweet, romantic boys are your type.
[] The best feeling is loving, and being loved back.
[] You would die for the one you loved.
Total: 2

[] You enjoy helping people.
[] You’ve volunteered more than the required amount.
[] You would die if someone didn’t like you.
[] You believe that everyone has good in them.
[] You want to be the nicest person you can.
[] Everyone says it - You’re a sweetheart.
[] At Christmas, you enjoy giving presents more than receiving them.
[] You regularly help people with their homework.
[] You want world peace.
[x] Little animals are the cutest things in the entire world.
Total: 1

[x] Amusement parks are the best ever.
[x] Almost nothing scares you, and if it does, you deal with it anyways.
[x] You love to try new things.
[] Bungee jumping has always been on your list of things to try.
[] You love all Xtreme sports.
[] Camping is one of your favorite hobbies.
[] Your goal in life is to travel the world.
[x] You love road trips.
[] You’ve been to another country.
[x] Other countries’ cultures really interest you.
Total: 5

[] You admit it - you’re gorgeous.
[] You would NEVER leave the house without your make-up on
[] You’re always getting new hairstyles and dying your hair.
[] Getting your nails done is your idea of a good time.
[] You would love to become a model.
[] You have the perfect body shape.
[] Your clothes are always more than perfect.
[] You spend the majority of your money on your looks.
[] Beauty is pain.
[] You’re always tanning, even in the winter.
Total: 0