After some time, I still think my favorite Gaia spot is the forums biggrin . I enjoy the games, like the rally or word bump, but a good topic is just awesome, and there's so much to explore for chatting. Can't wait to start sharing my art for ranking/critiquing because I've never really shared my work electronically mrgreen . Maybe a few times here and there but not consistently.
On another note I think my gear/get-up/outfits/attire is suitable for walking around the Gaia world now. It may seem silly to not explore because of looks, but hey, some people don't take kindly to noobs. Plus I just can't work with the default gear I got. I started off with the hair, I had to get my fro to reflect my afro in the real world, capturing my identity just a tad bit, and then I saved up, made mini-profits, and experimented until I had four outfits I can cycle through regularly while I get my little gold up.
As usual I still have to get some thing going as far as decorating my house and aquarium, and since I have used all my slots for outfits, buying more space for my look is a new focus, because I'd hate to replace a good look for another, plus its much easier to have a preset look than to build it every time I want to wear it.
That's bout it self (and whoever read it blaugh )

-Fresc (aka DK)