Opa I Love You

I remember when I was little
You held me tight in your arms
We use to watch T.V
Talked for hours
Sometimes all night
Or until my bedtime

I remember playing with Patches
Excited to see you guys all the time
Every visit, I loved
Remember teaching me Monopoly?
Or how many times I was jealous of Abby?
At least I remember

You taught me to play checkers
Even put up with my imaginary friends
You were always there
Even though I never really received gifts from you
I received the warmth and love from you
And that is what I miss the most

I remember when we received the news
Oma moved on
I was sad but it didn't hit me right away
I remember the rest of the visits
I would go look for her
Because I forgot she moved on

Then you had to move
Of course we came to help you
An apartment? That was odd
Then I realized you were on your own
I remember before we left
We went on a trip, the trip I will never forget

You gave me my first birthday card
I gave you the biggest hug ever
Because it was love, not the present
I felt loved by you
You were the closest person to me
And I really loved you

Before school we got the news
I was playing with a yo-yo
I dropped it as my dropped as well
I wanted to cry but didn't
All I can say now is farewell
I loved you Opa