Figment of a Nefarious Imagination
by MiyuRae

It was dark. Water dripped from an unknown place, probably the basement. The wind howled and whooshed through a broken window somewhere.

Breathing heavily, Jyzal gulped. He hated places like these. They were cold. The electricity didn't work. The candles were too wet to light. And the wind was always gushing from some broken window that was broken because someone jumped from it. Dark places weren't his thing. They were always haunted and ghosts...well, he'd be lying if he said he was merely afraid of them. They terrified him. Chilled him to the core. How could they exist, it wasn't logical! Why did they always attack people, it didn't make sense!

"All right...calm down..." he muttered to himself, looking around the foyer.

He was here for a mission. But he couldn't remember what it was about. The house he was in clouded his thought patterns and he just wanted to get the hell out of here. Taking a step, the floor creaked and he whimpered. Not only was this a could-be haunted house, but the floor boards were stuck together by their imagination! He could fall through! And die! He could join the ghosts!

"Stop it...!" he cursed, "You won't won't die..."

Taking another step, it creaked again. His anxiety was going to go through the roof! But he pressed on, making it towards the stairs, he heard the creaking stop. Letting out the breath he didn't know he was holding, he sighed, "Thank God..."

But the floor was working against him, it gave one final and loud creak before it tore in half underneath him, splintering into many fragments that were thrown into every direction, and sent him falling to land on his back in the basement.


A few days had passed and Regime was getting pretty worried. Jyzal hadn't returned from his mission yet, which was weird because Jyzal wasn't one to play around usually. He had left a few hours ago and had found himself standing in front of the house that Jyzal was sent to. He would have laughed, knowing that Jyzal was afraid of places like these, but he was too hell bent on finding the man.

Walking in, he coughed at the pungent smell of either rotten food or dead birds. Looking around, he walked in and instantly noticed the enormous hole in the floor near the stairs.

"Jyzal?" he called out, his panic rising when he didn't get an answer.

Carefully but quickly, he walked towards the hole and peered in, noticing Jyzal laying in the floor right under him. He must have a concussion. Jumping down, he scooped the man up gently and made his way towards the basement stairs.

"Jyzal, you're never going on a mission alone again..."