Hey Love

How have you been?
I haven't seen you in awhile
I wonder if you've been feeling okay inside
Hey love, answer me

No I will not answer you
You don't care
You always leave me
Hey love, I'm great

That's good you wanna come out and play?
We could go run around
Like we use to
Hey love, are you there?

********!! Why won't they leave me alone?
I just want to be alone
Ugh, I better replay
Hey love, sure thing I'll be right there

About time she comes outside
I haven't seen her in awhile
I wonder if she cut herself, I better check
Hey love, are you almost here?

God damn just leave me alone!!
She just acts like she cares
I should just cancel
Hey love, I can't go I'm sorry

Of course she can't
She always bails
She's probably in her room playing on the computer
Hey love, it's alright I'll see you next time

Thank God she finally left me alone
I knew she wouldn't care
She wouldn't try harder
Hey love, I have to go I'll see you later