It’s Saturday once more. Last Saturday, I posted an entry about this kid named Andrew. Although I was supposed to meet him again today to ask him about his past and see if it matched mine, I was instead present at an award ceremony of sorts.

Special thanks to the CVYA, btw. You guys make me feel proud of the blood that runs through my veins. 3nodding

Anyways, yeah. I spent the day with the CVYA today rather than being at Giao Ly. I thought it was cool how I mentioned in the entry last week (“Burning Housewife,” I think it was called) that I probably wouldn’t see Andrew today. When I submitted that entry, I was under the impression that I would show up at Giao Ly and Andrew wouldn’t. Who would’ve guessed it was the other way around?

I got home at 9:30PM today. A lot of my clocks began saying 10:30PM, so I don’t actually know how long ago I got home. Point is, I got home pretty late today. I did want to start some homework, but as a procrastinator, I am subject to last-minute stress.

I just finished taking a shower. My hair is drying steadily wrapped up in a towel as I type this entry. It feels like a typical night, but lately, my nights have come and gone like the wind. For once this week, I feel an ounce to ease.

I’m going to end this entry here for now. Sorry for the short entry. I do want to talk about more things, but I would like to separate such thoughts to late entry. Until then, have a go at guessing the title and artist of this song:

One tries to fly away
And the other watches him close from that wire
He says he wants to as well
But he is a liar

Ah, this song was among my favourites at a point of time. It’s got a really peaceful melody and the singer has such a cool voice. I still do love the song and it shan’t strike me as a surprise if I’ve used this song before. Ehh, oh wells. Best of luck~! Comment your response (to the song of to the entry itself) below and I’ll see you around next time! I thank thee kindly for reading my useless words here. Stay tuned for more nonsensical blabbering. yum_puddi