I was really going to try this time! I'd planned on being genuine. Just honest. Like in wore my insides on the outsides, do it with pride like I'm in my Sunday's best.

I could be charming in earnest. I could be funny while sincere. I can't, however, go on like I'm not shocked and confused by this gap in my head.

I had no idea the hole would be this big. I'm not just missing out, but I'm missing you. I messed up. I should have protested. But how selfish! I know she didn't leave because of me. At least I think I know and, like, it probably won't be forever, but it ******** sucks being without a friend like this. 'Cause just having them there makes a world of difference.

I have to take the bus next week.

How do people go on living with pieces missing?