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Why don't you get to know me...
Hello all you beautiful people. My name is YELENA. Not really any way to shorten it. Sorry!
I am a TWENTY year old who tends to love to be a kid.
Hopefully it was a little bit obvious look at the curves and features I possess, but if not, I'll just let you know I'm a GIRL.
I'm into MEN. I don't go for those little boys. And, GIRLS aren't really relationship materials. But, if we end up getting close, it can be fun just to be friendly you know?
I was born APRIL TWENTY-FIRST at the start of the spring season.
That would mean I' yeah...a TAURUS. Yeah, I could see that.
I grew up in a little town called ELMRON. It really wasn't that big. It was close to many other places, so I was never bored.
So I know I wouldn't consider it talent, but some people think that the fact that I can SIGN is pretty cool. Honestly, I just need it to communicate, so I don't think much of it. However, there is something I will take credit for, and it's that I'm a great ARCHER. My father used to take me out target shooting when I was very young, and I just developed a knack for it.
I grew up with TWO older SIBLINGS. Both of them were boys. Of course. And both of them could hear. Again, of course. But, they never got the attention from dad that I did and that made them so jealous. Even though we fought a lot, I really loved DAVID and NATHAN. They were major pains in my a**, but they looked out for me, and for that, I'm so grateful.
I was pretty close with both of my PARENTS but more so with my DAD. Both of us just had this connection that he didn't have with anyone else. Plus, he didn't treat me like a had a disability. He would actually tease me about it and go on treating me like any other kid. It was the greatest feeling in the world having someone who just thought of you as a "normal" person. Unlike my MOM, who when she found out her baby couldn't hear wanted to keep her near her at all times and make sure she kept her baby from the cruel world. God I love her. But, she was just suffocating with all her worry.
I am actually VERY CLOSE FRIENDS with a boy in a village over from mine. It wasn't too far from where I lived so I visited pretty often. He was like a little brother to me, and I treated him like one. I loved teasing him and joking around with him. His name is FELIX. You heard of him?
Well I'll tell you what's not a SECRET, the fact that I CAN'T HEAR. However, I wasn't born deaf. I LOST my hearing as I grew older. That's one reason I HATE TO TALK because I lost it completely at a young age and have no one idea how I sound. I'm a bit self conscious. People tell me I just sound faint when I speak because I can't judge volume very well. But I'm still uncomfortable with it.
What you may notice...
When I standing up straight in front of the HEIGHT chart I can manage about 5'2".
Maintaining a healthy WEIGHT is always important and that's why I like to stay around ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN pounds.
I'd say I'm pretty PROPORTIONATE minus the ears of course. Last time I wore a dress, I think they said I had MEASUREMENTS of 33-26-35.
PIERCINGS? Um...I love them! Obviously! I have my EARS pierced three times. I wish I had INK to share, but I don't. I hope to someday though!
I think my definitely make me stand out in the crowd. Also, my MAGENTA EYES. They are a bit unique.
So I like what I like what can I say...
When it comes to GIRLS, I just wanted them to be CHILL and LAID BACK. I love girls that don't mind having a bit of FUN and have a sense of ADVENTURE. Getting into a little TROUBLE never hurt anyone. Sometimes it just makes things more interesting.
Now, onto the MEN. That's right, I said MEN. I don't go for BOYS. I'll be honest and tell you what I really like. I want a guy whose DOESN'T TAKE S*** from people. I'm a pretty tough girl to please romantically. I'm not a princess, so I don't want a PRINCE type guy. Actually, I'd prefer a guy who grabs my waist and pulls me in by FORCE because he wants me so badly. That's just a dream of course. I guess I just want a man who's going to be JEALOUS. He wants me TO HIMSELF. What can I say. BAD GUYS keep me interested.
Let's go back to where I once came...
So, where I grew up, WOMEN and MEN were fairly EQUAL. However, the men were always trying to be MACHO and impress the woman. But, what's new. Many WOMEN were actually HARVESTERS and COOKS. A lot of women I knew would cook the hunt that the men brought home after a long day. But, then I knew some that WENT OUT with the men. I happened to be one of those girls. I'm not SUZY HOMEMAKER, and even though my mother wasn't too happy about my choice, my father couldn't be more thrilled. He was like most men. Many of the MEN were STRONG and loved to SHOW OFF. But, they had good reason too. They needed to get a girl somehow right? Some tended to be a bit IMPISH too. Those guys really annoyed the crap out of me. Act your age! My dad wasn't impish, but he was definitely a JOKER. As were his friends. So, I just had to get used to it. The people I was a around just LOVE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. They knew when to be SERIOUS, but most of the time, they just relaxed and did whatever they wanted to have a good time.
I loved and miss the traditions of home. We had ARCHERY CONTESTS. We would have LARGE GATHERINGS where everyone would just bring something to eat and everyone would converse with one another and drink and be merry! It was the greatest!
How do I feel on the whole SEXUAL ORIENTATION thing? I don't really care. As I mentioned. I find flirting with the other sex fun at times. If a MAN loves a MAN, I wish them the best. Hopefully their life together ends up way better than some of the same sex marriages I've seen. The same goes for TWO GIRLS.
Kids? I don't know. I think I'd love to have KIDS. I just think if you're going to have them you better be ready to drop everything for them. If not, well I've seen that before. I will never be a parent who neglects my kids.
Just some other little tidbits of information...
So, if anyone has to know anything about me it's that I love to be ADVENTUROUS. Climbing trees, swimming in lakes. Anything that looks like fun. I'll do it. I also love RAINY DAYS. I don't mind getting a little dirty and running through the rain is just so refreshing. Some of my pet peeves are people treating me like I HAVE A DISABILITY. I get it. I'm deaf not stupid! I also find it hilarious when people are PRUDISH. I don't do it to show off, but I love SHOWING SKIN. It's just easier to move around with less clothes. Don't believe me? Try it! Hmm...I love TEA. There are just so many relieving qualities about it. Oh! And I love COMPETITION. I'll always take a dare. Bring it on! Oh, but if you just LET ME WIN, you will definitely lose points with me.