It was midnight in Elondri, the moon hanging above and peeking through the cracks of the forest canopy. Most of the Capital was showered in darkness. The only source of light being what little the moon provided and ethereal glow that permeated the city limitations. Only the occasional civilian was left to roam the streets. Not even one Guardsman was in the nearby area.

Peace had truly welcomed Elondri, enough to where they had stopped the constant patrol that once burdened them during the war.

Dragomir had a sarcastic smile on his face as he looked on from his place in the Royal Palace. By Rebria herself, he loved his country. He had killed for them and he had quite literally died for them. His smile deepened as he quickly rectified that last thought. It was false to say that he had died for them. He had instead spent the next few centuries trapped in his weapon. The fabled Millennium Staff.

But that never happened in this timeline.

It was quite the headache to ponder.

Once the Weaponians had successfully defeated their age old enemy, Rebria had returned them to where they once belonged. In the past. They were forced to abandon the connections they had forged and the memories they had made to maintain the flow of time. And the former Weaponians hated her all the more for such a thing. They had wished to remain.

In all honesty, Ionescu was convinced that the future that they knew. The one that they had come to enjoy and care for... no longer existed.

Dragomir had studied the timestream in depth and knew that the future was not, in fact, set in stone. It was malleable. Even the slightest change had the most drastic of consequences. For example, the Weaponians hadn't existed in the original timeline. They had no influence on the events that eventually concluded in the future that they had known. In this timeline, they were still alive and well.

He had no doubt that such a thing had... altered the future in some way.

The Magick that he kept restrained forced itself to the surface, causing his eyes themselves to glow in the darkness. All of the people that were still out at that late hour were taken aback by the sight. It was rare to see the Court Mage in such an enraged state of mind. Few had seen him on the battlefield, of course. Not that he wished they had.

Ionescu shuddered at the memories.

No one needed to see that side of him.

Speaking of which...


Dragomir missed the little green-haired woman that had wielded him with such ability that he once believed her capable of surpassing him. He hadn't seen her in well over thirty-eight months. And it was killing him on the inside. Certainly, the Princess had never forgotten the man that captured her heart. She was still very much in love with him.

Once upon a time, he would've readily returned her affections. He had loved her as much as he possibly could. But the Magi of the future. Kart had changed him in ways that no female had the right to. She had taught him the true value of love and revealed that his love for the Princess had paled in comparison. But the cold hard truth was unrelenting.

It was unlikely that he would ever see her again.

He was confident in his ability.

Most of Elondri and the world beyond believed he was the strongest Magi in the world. Unparalleled. Untouchable. Undefeated. In spite of all this, one fact remained. He was still very much mortal. Magick blessed him with longevity that few had the right to but that was no substitute for immortality. He would fall to old age long before he had the chance to see his beloved once more.


His eyes dimmed in thought.

It was possible.

Dragomir had never dabbled in Space-Time Magick. It was Forbidden in the eyes of the Magi community. He only had rudimentary knowledge on the subject. Enough to give him warning if someone used it on the battlefield. The more and more he pondered the matter, the more he was convinced. While the rest of the world might ridicule him for such a thing, Karteley was definitely worth it.

He was filled with determination.

"I haven't studied in quite awhile. I guess I'll need to change that, won't I?"