Over the years Karteley knew she wanted to be in the entertainment business. To make people laugh was one of her greatest joys. But it's funny how meeting Dragomire caused her dreams to change. At first, he was motivation to strive for the best, to be a movie star, but then she finished high school, and they eventually got married, and she realized, she didn't really want the fame, or the gossips, or any other negative kick backs from said fame. Nor did she want Drago to go through it, even though he was probably made of stronger stuff.

And besides, being a famous actress might make her too busy for certain important things. But she easily found an alternative. Online reviews, where people had more freedom of what they could say, have a more personal relation to their fan base, and were allowed a more flexible scheduling times. And to her delight, she found it was everything she wanted the job to be, and the only time she really had to stop doing it was her pregnancy with Eli.

Now with Elizabeth being a four year old, Karteley had deemed herself a stay at home mom/critic/script writer/actress, and rather proud of herself. On that night, it was mac and cheese night, with a toddler's pallet so simple and all. Kart found it easy to write on her laptop and watch the boiling water for the noodles.

"Momma..." She heard the delightful little voice of Eli behind her, and Kart looked back at her daughter. The little girl pointed to the cookie jar that was on the high shelf and definitely out of her reach. "Can I have a cookie?"

This made Kart smirk and pointed out. "First of all, always say please." She held up one finger and then two. "Second of all, no you may not. Dinner's gonna be ready soon, and then cookies after dinner. If you want, there are pear slices in the fridge."

The little girl pouted at this, which only made Kart laugh as she walked over and petted her hair and kissed her on the top of her head. "It won't be long." She assured, before getting back up and going back to laptop and oven top.

Since there were no sounds of the fridge opening, the greenette assumed that Elizabeth went back to play. She smiled to herself as she worked on editing a long monologue she had, that seemed to be too over the top. Until she heard a most familiar sound.

Magic, when it's created, has a most distinct sound, and wind magic was quite noisy. Confused and surprised, Karteley spun around, just in time to watch the cookie jar, and the few books that were on said high shelf go flying out, and creating a mess all over the kitchen floor.

Green eyes widened as she looked at the mess, and then at her own daughter, who stood in horror, caught in her wild attempt to get cookies, and was so sure that her own mom was going to be mad. "I- I- I-" The little girl stuttered out.

"... did you do that?" Kart asked the most obvious question, but she was shocked! Sure little kids could show signs of magic, but she hadn't heard of anything this powerful, this early. What happened for Kart was that her first grade teacher sensed it, and took her and her mom aside, proposing that Kart would go into extra classes for it, and to hone it. Was her daughter different because of Drago's blood?

"I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooorry!" The girl wailed as tears quickly filled her eyes and she started sobbing. Kart had a soft smile on her face as she walked over to her daughter, stepping around the mess of a broken jar. She picked up her little girl and bounced her a little.

"Shshshshsh..." She said softly, wiping the tears away. "Oh, it's okay sweetie... I'm not mad about this..." This seemed to work as Elizabeth calmed down, green eyes met with brown. "You're not?"

Karteley shook her head. "No... you shouldn't have tried to take a cookie, but, I'm not mad, and I'm glad you're not hurt." She continued to speak softly as she carried her daughter to the kitchen table, where she sat down, with Elizabeth on her lap. A thought occurred to her and she frowned. "Where did you learn to cast that? Did daddy show you?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "No... I just watched you guys."

Karteley stared at her own child with wonder. Just by watching the two of them, little Eli picked up on magic! Could even channel the elements no less. Before she could say anymore, the little girl looked over at the pot, and exclaimed "MAMA!"

The woman looked up and saw smoke coming from her pot. "Ah! No!" Kart rushed over and turned off the oven, finding that dinner was ruined. She stared at the pot, taking all this new information in, until she just sighed to herself. "Eli... are you up for pizza?"

"PIZZA!" Was the victorious cry, the little girl was eager to have such a treat, which made Karteley smile.