“Ugh. Those things have been tailing me all day. Naraku must be following me.”
“So you decided to bring them here?!” Inuyasha drew the Tetsusaiga. Kouga suddenly jumped up and grabbed one, ripping it apart as he came back down.
“Kouga, run!” Both Inuyasha and Kouga looked at me confused and I shot and arrow into the swarm.
“If they are following you, we will come up from behind and catch them that way!” I shot another arrow, getting rid of a big part of the swarm. Kouga nodded, and then took off running.
“Fox Fire!”
“Miroku don’t you dare open that Wind Tunnel!” The swarm just seemed to never end.
“Take cover! We will get them from behind!” Inuyasha grabbed me and swung me on his back, taking me up into a tree. Sango and the rest rode Kirara down into the cliff. The swarm soon flew by. “Come on, Inuyasha. Let’s go.” He jumped from the tree and started running as fast as he could.
“Fox Magic! Kagome! Hop on!” I went and hopped onto Shippo, leaving Inuyasha free to fight. I shot another arrow.
“They’re getting away!”
“We have no choice!” I looked over at Miroku. “Wind Tunnel!”
“No! The poison will get you!” He pulled them closer, and closed the Wind Tunnel just before he sucked any in.
“Right!” He drew the Tetsusaiga. “Wind Scar!” Soon, there was only a little bit of the swarm left. Sango and I took care of the rest, and Kouga helped out.
“Way to pull then closer with the Wind Tunnel, Miroku.” He just smiled and nodded. Kirara and Shippo went to the ground, and both returned to their original shapes. Suddenly, we heard an evil laugh.
“You didn’t destroy them in time, Inuyasha. I found you.” Suddenly, the ground started to rumble and buckle. I looked down, and saw a crack start to form beneath me.
“Inuyasha!” I tried to run toward him, but my legs wouldn’t move.
“Kagome!” I started to fall.
“Inuyashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!”
“Kagome!” I saw Inuyasha’s face at the crack, then it started to close, and I was in complete darkness.