I literally lost everything last week because I opened a new tab for my lecture, my lecture notes notes followed so I was doubly upset by the loss.

And this time I have nothing to talk about, hahaha. Last week I was exploding with things to talk about and today I'm derping all over the place.

Haha, omg. Our teacher is fantastic. He keeps using commercials jingles as his punchlines. He's at 5! I'm really impressed.

Everyone procrastinates. I think its a fact by now, if not in school in everything else but we rationalize it with certain terms. Like "Like I have to be in the right state of mind." or "I'll be more motivated later." Hahaha. I do not do this. I literally do not say any of these. My argument is 'I don't want to do this right now." Tadaaaa. I'm a genius.

So what I will talk about is that I think I'm going to get the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Not right now, obviously, but in the summer. I am most likely going to buy this camera or the Samsung NX1100. LOL. AM I TERRIBLE OR WHAT? I just got a camera last year but I just love, LOVE, compact DSLR's. I get so damn excited by camera's hahaha.

Diablo III's expansion is coming out and WHY does it have to be turning into WOW? I cannot stand iiiit. I do like the return of the skill tress but we have to do everything all over again. WHY. I have 6 characters I have to fix when I go home next weekend! Everything's been averaged and nerfed and dammit whhyyyyy. I don't care about the auction house. I mean I sold one thing for like 200mil and I was a happy camper but gold doesn't mean s**t anymore! -raging-

On a happier note. Yay Final Fantasy X/X-2. I liked those games. I did't like the story of X-2 but I LOVED the battle system. Like the dressspheres were amazeballs. Everything else...ehhhh. Could've been worked on. IT'S STILL A BAJILLION TIMES BETTER THAN XIII-2. UGH. ********. GO BURN LIGHTING. I LIKED YOU. I REALLY DID. BUT NO MORE. SERAH CAN STAY DEAD. PLEASE.

Man, I have to actually go out adventuring today. HOMG. I have to go a Preston street and find Little Italy and Chinatown on my way. It sounds fantastic. The thing is, it seems like I'm by myself so ehhhh, I kind of don't want to but I am doing it anyway because school? My largest problem is that I'm PROBABLY going to end up spending money and that's something I really don't want to do but I haven't been out and about for a while, so I think I'll have fun.

I really have to learn to check my school e-mail more often. I literally only check my e-mail 3 out of 7 days. So when I check back before a class or something I have like 30 new e-mails and I'm like shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Lol. I checked it this morning and I had 15 new e-mails from wednesday and thursday. Jesus, you'd think everything was pretty cut and paste in University but apparently people being able to reading instructions are in short supply.

Lol, no it isn't but I am so fascinated by Intellectual Disabilities. Mainly because we all suffer, in some part, from the beginnings of a disorder. Not enough to be officially diagnosed by a psychologist BUT many people show little ticks and nuances of OCD or paranoia. A lot of people do but what's even better than that is people who suffer from periodic episodes of intense emotions which they can't control actually could be diagnosed as a disorder. Manic episodes are some of my favourite subjects to talk about because manic episodes historically were what we considered true insanity. The laughing, explosive emotions and lack of sleep. Mwahahaha.

There are many things in the world now that cause us depression and anxiety and insomnia (not enough money; never enough time, being inactive) and it's funny how much we hurt ourselves just from these outward ideals that are pressed down upon us. We are always told to be successful, we are always told we need money to pay bills, we are told to be kind and sociable and a decent human being. When in general we rarely ever are. This is funny. As people, historically AND psychologically we will only ever care about a small handful of people. Our minds will only really think of about 30 people. That's out community. The societies we live are actually bad for us. living with more than 300 people is in fact, a good way to not give a s**t about anyone. Humans are not meant to have the capacity to care for more than the communities we lived in 500 years ago. For some that number is under 100.
Thinking about how we live, we work to pay and pay to work. I know this better than most. Pay is more than monetary. Pay can be your time, effort, your life. And people don't realize this. Being a consumer is a terrible thing. And that's how we live, we are numbers, be the best, be the most, be the happiest... in numbers. Numbers, when you're dying, don't mean ******** all. Everyone is taught to get money so they can buy things, usually nothing we really need but as this society grows, we are pulled in.
Buy the newest things, keep buying when the newest version is released. Pay your insanely and ridiculously priced phone bill, pay for your internet, buy a computer for your internet, get a console to play games for fun, get a tablet, get a car, make the most in life to get the most out of life.
Bullshit. All of it is bullshit.
I wish, I really honestly wish when I was a teenager I understood better, I realized it, I realized it was a vicious cycle but I did nothing with that information. I lived the most of my live with the idea that if I'm working and paying and being a decent human being I was worth something. No. No. It's not true and never will be, If you can find happiness doing what you love, great. Do it, keep doing. If you find something else you love, go, just run to the wind. We are taught to fear change, not from any other form other than the people we associate with.

We need to fix our lives. We really do. -sighs- and I was just spieling about wanting to buy a camera and video games. but when I'm using other peoples money that I get to claim as my own, I don't feel so bad. Haha. I'm a terrible person.

Good god. We're not even halfway through class yet. Oh. If you gys want to have fun with Intellectual Disabilities, Check out this site. It's a good way to kill a few hours with KNOWLEDGE.