I woke up the next day to the bright sunlight coming into the cave. I looked straight ahead of me and came face to face with a sleeping, half demon Inuyasha. The night was over, and he was back to his usual self. I found, while trying to sit up, that I was still wrapped in his arms. I smiled a bit, and then relaxed. Might as well wait until he wakes up. I curled up into his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat. I heard the others whispering, so I think they thought we are both still asleep.
“Should we pour water on them?”
“Nah. Probably make them even more mad.”
“Well then what should we do?”
“I could use my Fox Magic.”
“Why don’t we just wake them up normally?”
“It’s not as fun then, dear Sango.”
“Move your hand now, or I will move it for you.” I decided to speak up.
“Please don’t use your Fox Magic, Shippo.” They looked over at me I guess and I moved the best I could to face them. “I really don’t want Inuyasha in a bad mood this morning.”
“Kagome! You’re awake!” Shippo came over next to me.
“Yes I am. Is everyone ready to go?”
“Other then you and Inuyasha.”
“Go on then. I can wake him up.” They nodded, but seemed kind of hesitant to leave. They did eventually, and I turned to Inuyasha. “You’re awake, aren’t you?” His eyes popped open. “Knew it. You never sleep.”
“Yes I do.” I just shook my head. His arms tightened around me. “It’s more fun watching you sleep, though.” I blushed a little at his words. His hand came up and moved the hair from my face, and his thumb ran along my cheekbone. We heard a slapping sound, which totally killed the mood. I laughed.
“Better get going before Miroku’s face is permently red.” He nodded, and, in one motion, stood up and swung me on his back. He then started to run and made a leap, landing us near the others.
“Well. That was quick.” You could see a slight red on Miroku’s cheek, but he seemed to ignore it like always. I shook my head.
“You really are a pervert, aren’t you, Miroku?” Suddenly, I had that feeling I only get when there is a shard around. “Inuyasha! There’s a jewel shard heading our way!”