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Inspiration turned Fiction
I'm bored and interested in writing, that's all the reason and the description that I need for this...
Happily Ever After
In the end...

Rebria herself had blessed them. It was through her divine hand that they were relieved of the very burden that once weighed on their shoulders. They had lost their immortality in the process but that wasn't a problem. Not in their eyes. Such was the wisdom that came with living countless centuries.

They hadn't expected this, of course.

Dragomir himself had expected the worse. He had honestly believed that they would fade in to nothing as the one that anchored the spell was defeated. It was quite the surprise. And normally he wasn't that fond of surprises, considering the volatile nature of experimental Magicka. But this one was different. This one left him feeling refreshed!

In the end...

Dragomir had watched as the group was forced apart, one by one. They had tried to remain as close as possible in the beginning. But that was easier said than done. It was easy to see that school was the only reason that they were able to remain as close as they were. And when they graduated, the inevitable happened. Not even the fond memories of journeying the continent had stayed their feet.

Only a handful of the group had remained in Prycrest.

Ionescu felt the edges of his mouth twitch in fond remembrance, his eyes locked on the horizon in the distance. Rebria, that had been the good ol' da-...


His eyes swiveled upward as the weight on his shoulders shifted from left to right, chocolate brown meeting a bright forest green. "Mm?"

"Papa looked reawwy sad... is he icky?"

Dragomir constrained the urge to laugh uproariously at the childish question, instead choosing to reveal his patented smile. The one that sent Karteley in to a blushing fit and made other women weak in the knees. But the individual on his shoulders grinned back, revealing a smile that looked so much like his own...

Not that he was surprised.

It was his daughter for crying out loud!

Elizabeth Karteley Ionescu looked upon her father with the biggest smile that she could muster, utterly convinced that she had managed to cheer him up. Her eyes crinkled up around the edges and her dark green hair swayed in the wind. To her, it was troublesome. To her father, it was the cutest thing he had seen since she was born or when he married her mother. Both of which were the happiest moments in his long life.

"Papa apologizes, Eli. He was just thinking about his friends... you remember all of your Aunt's and Uncle's, don't you?" the man questioned.

In return, the girl nodded furiously.

Last time she had "forgotten" about her Uncle Damien, the raven had gotten really sad and teary-eyed. Aunt Gemma had spent the rest of her birthday comforting the aging Lycanthrope. Needless to say, the young Ionescu made an effort to remember all of her relatives after that incident. Elizabeth hated to see one of her family members in that condition. Especially her mother and father.

"I think we should head back. Momma might think we ran away and we don't want her to punish Papa like last time, right?"

Elizabeth's nose crinkled with laughter as she remembered the sight of her father getting blasted through the wall. Her Momma was fiercely protective of her and took excuses from no one. Not even her Papa. "... Papa, can we stop for ice cream on the way back?"

Dragomir hummed in question as he marched, obviously homebound.

It was pretty reasonable. "Promise not to rat me out to Momma?"


"Then okay!"

Rebria, the retired Magi turned teacher hoped Karteley didn't notice Elizabeth going through a sugar rush from hell...

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commentCommented on: Thu Mar 06, 2014 @ 11:17pm

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