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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
True Life: I Can't Afford My Boyfriend Pt. 2

I still can't afford him rofl

So at this current moment, my account is -463 and some change. As it turns out (and as I predicted), Southwest Airlines SNATCHED out money that was not there and of course, my account went into the red by a hefty amount.

Now, by the end of this week I get paid from both jobs so subsequently my account will be out of the red probably by almost $300, still not enough to pay my rent which was due the first. Not to mention I still have this and LAST month's student loans to pay for.

I made up my story and will file a claim to get my funds back tomorrow but for some strange reason, I really feel like I won't get my money back. Flashback to a few summers ago when I was working for the Carolina Kitchen. I remember one day I deposited two checks into the ATM at Dupont Circle, but one of them went through. The other check was lost in the abyss somewhere. I inquired within about what I should do and they told me to call BOA...so I did. I filed a claim and all that jazz, they gave me the money to my account and I figured that I know exactly which ATM took it and that they'd have no problems finding it. Low and behold months down the line...they never found it and the took the money back from my account, pushing it into the red. I don't think my account ever recovered from that (I was in school and making no money). It stayed in the red which eventually led to BOA closing it and cyphening off money from my active account whenever they could to cover the balance. Luckily it was probably only $100-somethin' but I can NOT risk them doing that was $500. In all honesty I'd rather just wait until they resolve it.

And I figure that this time shouldn't be difficult. Clearly the money is in SW's possession. I'm telling you and them that I did not authorize the transaction, just give me my damn money back. It wa sa non-refundable, non-transferrable ticket, but I believe in the cancellation email they said I could use the credit to a future SW flight. So worst comes to worst, I just have unused SW credit and I'll take a trip this summer. sweatdrop

I'll call them tomorrow and reconfirm whether or not they will be refundding my money. If they say no then I'll just file the claim with BoA and hope for the best. I really would like that $500 back. sad

Moral of the Story: Secure desired lodging FIRST, THENNNN BOOK THE FLIGHT AROUND THAT.

I thought it'd just work, and it could've if Carlson wasn't being so weird. They had availability and I could book for three nights with points, but I only wanted two of the nights and it wouldn't let me book for that. Reservations couldn't even help me and I really didn't feel like going through the stress and drama of booking and trying to call the property to change the dates. Irkin'. >_<

SO easily Robert has already cost me over $1000 with this failed flight and these $550+, front row Motown tickets. We decided to do the Country Inn and Suites in Queens. As interesting as it would've been to stay in the New York Marriott Downtown near the 9/11 memoria, Tracey Tabora in Batter Park, and Bey/Jay/MC in Tribeca....at Country, we could get a beautiful view of Manhattan from across the bridge, free wifi, free breakfast, a shorter commute to the theater district, and cheaper parking. Plus, the hotel overall will be cheaper since I'll book one night with points and the other at $132. Like I said, as much as I would love a Hudson River view or a Statue of LIberty view or a suite, I just couldn't afford the extra $100...ESPECIALLY with my current financial woes cry

And one of my New Year's Resolutions was to get it together financially...the irony stare

So somehow, someway I'll need to borrow money, pay it back, pay my bills, and pay myself for my savings. You know I hate stressing about money so I'm trying not to...but it's gonna take a WHILE to get back on track after Rob's birthday.

The shade is...he did nothing for my birthday and still won't even acknowledge how he ruined it :s

In other news....I'm poor. I still need to get a lot of things for myself at home, including food. We had a house meeting where Lyssa, Chen, and I came together and talked about what issues we were having. Chen's main gripe was the shoveling bit in conjunction with loading/unloading the dishwasher. Lyssa countered with Chen's lackluster caretaking skills regarding his dog including the sh*t in the backyard, keeping him alone in the dark house for hours on end, not walking him enough, and not brushing him thus his hair shedding EVERYWHERE.

It was kind of funny to be honest, you can tell Lyssa kinda became over it rather quickly to the point when Chen was mentioning things we should get for the house like bar stools...Lyssa said I wouldn't use them so I won't pitch in for them and when Chen wanted to add the couch to the deep clean list, Lyssa said..."Well, you allow your dog to sit on the couch and shed there so I don't feel responsible for cleaning it."

It just became....very annoying. Bixching about who does and doesn't do whatever is just pointless especially among us. We're all grown, considerate adults and it really is just all a matter of finding the time to do these things. Lyssa and I are a lot busier than Chen is with multiple jobs and responsibilities so when we're home, it isn't for long. Just long enough to get our minds right and rest.

I don't know, I feel like I have a lot more thoughts on the matter that I could expand on another time.

Other than that...I'm still broke...a little frustrated (less though after writing about it), and I still have a lot going on this month from Derrick's marriage, to Rob's bday, to trying to get my money right again. It's kind of overwhelming. Plus, Jarel is visiting Kiyona on Rob's birthday weekend where we'll be in New York already. Rob's extra territorial so I'll have to find a way to.....I don't know.... see them. I'd love to see Tracey too <3

Love heart


Mood: Slightly overwhelmed whee
Music: "She Ain't Got" - Letoya Luckett from Lady Love

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