On the next page, you find Monkey talking about what happened to her in the past. You saw that it looked interesting so you continued on reading:

I am not good with talking with other people. I have become very shy and in my shell. Believe it or not, I used to talk to people easily over the internet. I never was really scared. I thought that I can take on anything, that, since I will never see their face, they can't hurt me, but I didn't know what I had in store for me that will cause that shell of mine to pull me back in and keep a tight grasp on me, to protect me from any other harm that comes in the form of words from a stranger. I had been cyberbullied. It might not seem like that to you, but it hurt me. I had decided to post a story that was so badly written on a site and got rude remarks over it. I also had rude remarks over a picture I drew and posted on a site. I wasn't that great an artist at the time, I'm not pro at it, either. I'm still an amateur at it. But what this person had said hurt me. I didn't realize that people can be that mean, that harsh. I pulled through, but I wish I didn't go through any of this.
I don't get why they had to be this way. I'm a friendly person who posted stuff that isn't very good, that all I wanted was to get some tips. I am a better person than they will ever be. That is why I ask you to keep your rude comments to yourself. I don't want to go through any of this again. Please be considerate. There are better things to do in your life than to flame someone who just needs some tips. You don't know how much you hurt them. It hurt me so much to a point where I can't talk to people anymore. Though there are also other reasons, but I will not tell you those for reasons that I have emotional break downs thinking about them. But take what happened to me and learn from it.

You started to feel bad for Monkey because of what she had been through and you turned the page to see what she had to say next...

(btw, I can't tell you how you should actually feel.)