When you turned to the first page, you see what looks to be an introduction, like she purposefully left the journal behind for someone else to find it and read it. Despite the messy handwriting, you manage to make out what the words say:

If this journal finds its way into the hands of another, I would like to let you know, whatever becomes of me in my adventure in life, I'm going to record it in this journal. What may be written in here, I currently do not know, but let me tell you that you are in no way required to read all the entries in this journal. I would like to let you know that I do not mean any offense if any offense has been taken in any way by what I have said.
You may be wandering who I am, so I suppose I should introduce myself. I am MonkeyGirl188, but you can just call me Monkey or MG. Whatever conveniences you.
Upon writing this entry I am 19 years old, born on February 23rd of some year back. I am, at the time this was written, an aspiring journalist and writer.

You get to a part where you can't make any more of the entry out so you think to yourself that you should continue on reading this journal to get a sense of what this person was like.

You turn the page and you notice in bold print, you read:

To whomever is reading this journal, I ask of you, all harsh comments you want to make about me should not be shared. I will not appreciate the rudeness of a stranger who doesn't know jack-diddly-squat about me. I have to say to you, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Please save me the troubles of reading people's harsh words and just keep it to yourself if it's something mean. Now that I have told you what I needed to say, I ask of you, please continue."

You took in the warning and turned the page to read on...