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~☽The person pulling the strings☾~ N/A
~☽Call Her/Him☾~ Shizuru
~☽You can also call him/her☾~ Shi-chan
~☽She/He was born A☾~ Female
~☽His/Her race☾~Shapeshifter a creature hated by humans demons angels and various other beings for their natural ability to take multiple forms. From their primary human forms and the various animal forms they can take on. Shizuru's favorite animal form which she takes most often and feels most comfortable in is a tiger. All of her animal forms have one thing in common this also rings true for her human form. White hair or fur and blue eyes.
~☽She/He came into this world years ago☾~ Seventeen
~☽She/He came into this world on☾~ March seventh
~☽She/He is ______ Tall☾~ 5'6
~☽She/He is A☾~ Shizuru can be quite naive and she's quick to trust. She would like to believe that there's good in everyone. She is not often betrayed because she never finds herself in a situation where that might happen. She was kept away from the world shielded from the dangers and hazards. Raised to be a good girl. She can be easily startled and she is prone to blackouts, not remembering what happened upon waking up.
~☽She writes with His/Her☾~ Right
~☽Her/His role in this world is☾~ A shapeshifters who's being hunted.
~☽She/He sometimes☾~ Shizuru doesn't have many habits but she loves the snow, whenever the snow piles high she digs tunnels and makes dens where she can hide and play.
~☽He/She wastes her free time doing ☾~ At the age of ten she was just starting to learn to read and write. So in her free time she does just that trying to learn more, to become smart.
~☽His/Her life until now☾~ Shizuru was the daughter of their clans leader, her mother was smart and a great warrior who protected their family. Who made sure everything would be okay. On Shizuru's fifth birthday they were chased from their home hunted by humans. She didn't understand what was going on and many died as they fled, on both sides. Over the years they continued running never settling down. On her seventh birthday the rest of her clan died along with her mother leaving Shizuru alone and scared. Running as fast as she could she soon became lost, hungry and cold. Collapsing on the doorstep of a humans home she was shown mercy by the one who lived inside. A young man took her in and cared for her, raised her as if she was his child. Taught her how to read and write.

Sadly that didn't last as long as either of them would have hoped. One night while she was playing in a den she made in the snow she heard a sound coming from the woods. She blacked out and the next few weeks were lost to her. Not remembering anything, not even remembering returning to the mans cabin in the woods. He found her unconscious at the doorway exhausted and covered in blood. He cleaned her up and took care of her until she awoke.

However when she did wake up humans that she didn't know were waiting to take her away, and take her away they did. Locking her away in a small cell, too small for her to take her tiger form, and there they left her to rot.
~☽Abilities and talents☾~ She can take the forms of animals although she's quite picky about the forms she takes.
~☽He/She Enjoys☾~ The snow, sweets, reading, writing, drawing.
~☽He/She doesn't care for☾~ The humans who took her from her papa "The human who raised her"
~☽He/She's terrified of☾~ Her papa dying, finding out she's a monster, learning what happened before she woke up in her papas cabin.
~☽His/Her greatest wish☾~ She wants to learn control to stop the blackouts.
~☽Would it be a secret if He/she told you☾~ She may have killed people during her blackouts.
~☽You should also know☾~ She doesn't remember anything about her life growing up with her clan, with her own kind. Since she doesn't remember she doesn't know how to control what she is once she's in her animal forms. So she can be quite dangerous.
~☽The song in His/her heart☾~ Who am I?
~☽In the mirror He/she see's☾~ User Image

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