Feelings are weird. However, my fanfiction is even more strange! I FINISHED IT! AHHH

Fairen knew that she couldn’t stay here with this man, a man that she used to love. Escaping was just too far out of her reach. She couldn’t kill him, but she knew a way to keep him from stealing the child she had come to care for.
She concentrated and was able to be in complete harmony with the force. The last thing she saw was Kairos being thrown across the room, and hitting the back wall. She summoned the lightsaber to her hand, flipped the hilt towards her, and activated the blade into her lower abdomen.
Alternate Ending.

Fairen tried in vain to keep up with Master Eicard, but her current state of pregnancy caused her to lag behind about two footsteps to his one.

“Have you finished the nursery for your son yet?” The older man inquired.

She giggled softy. “Almost, but you try and have a ball get in your way every time you moved.” Fairen placed her hands on her prominent stomach for emphasis.

“Well before you know it, two and a half months will pass. I’ll have some of the older padawans help you later today in order to speed things along.” He stopped in front of the door to her quarters. “We’re all eager to meet your son.”

“Thank you Master Eicard, I appreciate the help.” She smiled, waved to him goodbye, and entered her rooms.

After the incident of the ship, everyone saw her in a different light. Fairen had been captured by Kairos, but she had managed to convince him to let their son live a different life from his father. Before Kairos left to escape, he made Fairen promise to make sure their son could control his anger should he be born with his father’s temperament. Master Eicard found Fairen alive, but weary from fighting her husband moments before. Everyone at the academy wondered why she didn’t choose to have an abortion once her husband had killed Master Tyloff. It was Master Eicard who told everyone, it was her ability to love someone so much that she could see past the cloud of uncertainty. She could see the beauty in everyone’s life, and with her son, she could feel only the best qualities of her husband. Fairen and Master Eicard could also sense, that her son would be born force sensitive like his parents.