I am Konstantine, previously known as an acolyte of God. I have fallen from God's graces and struck with humanity. My powers were stripped from me for the most part, I was damned to this Earth with a second chance to get on God's good side. I am not sure how I will spend this second chance. I was branded with the mark of God as I was thrown out of heaven. Obviously he didn't take all my powers away for I hit the Earth like a meteor, I was unconscious but still alive. After I awoken I was approached by a man claiming to be an Acolyte of Satan, I refused to take up his offer but he knew who I was and told me if I changed my mind to just say out loud that I have and he would appear. I am aware of the Acolyte's powers for I was one, this is what makes me nervous. Satan only had 3 Acolytes at one time but when the previous Satan died and the new Satan took over he appointed 13 Acolytes, matching the number God has.

God's Acolytes
Most of them are unknown, but the ones who have appeared are all feared for their immense power, however the strongest of the group has yet to reveal their faces.

Satan's Acolytes
Again the story is the same as God's Acolytes, however unlike them Satan's Acolytes are feared by everyone for they cause chaos and destruction in the world and make their presence known.

League of Shadows
This group is more worldly beings, however they are not all 'humans' rather they are more supernatural beings. Such as the leader of the Werewolves, this army of supernatural beings rival the power of the Acolytes. This group however does consist of Satan's followers.

Brotherhood of Light
This is a group of warriors and followers of God, they will take it upon themselves to rid the world of evil. It consists of mostly humans, but supernatural beings are not turned away if they want to find God.

One of the two most powerful beings in existence, Satan is seen as a God of sorts and is even worshiped on Earth. He is stuck in Hell for now, but how long will that truly last?

Again the second half of the Two most powerful beings in existence, God is seen as THE GOD that stands above the rest. He normally doesn't help in any worldly matters, for he sees it as the peoples responsibility to take care of their own problems.